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Suicide Rate Surge in US: V2k?

U.S. Suicide Rate Surges to a 30-Year High

WASHINGTON — Suicide in the United States has surged to the highest levels in nearly 30 years, a federal data analysis has found, with increases in every age group except older adults. The rise was particularly steep for women. It was also substantial among middle-aged Americans, sending a signal of deep anguish from a group whose suicide rates had been stable or falling since the 1950s.

The suicide rate for middle-aged women, ages 45 to 64, jumped by 63 percent over the period of the study, while it rose by 43 percent for men in that age range, the sharpest increase for males of any age. The overall suicide rate rose by 24 percent from 1999 to 2014, according to the National Center for Health Statistics, which released the study on Friday.

The increases were so widespread that they lifted the nation’s suicide rate to 13 per 100,000 people, the highest since 1986. The rate rose by 2 percent a year starting in 2006, double the annual rise in the earlier period of the study. In all, 42,773 people died from suicide in 2014, compared with 29,199 in 1999….The link to the full article follows below:


After reading the above article, it struck me that I am a part of the demographic of black women, who is middle-aged and seem to be overwhelmingly and disproportionately complaining about being Targeted with directed energy weapons and covert government harassment. If you were to search online, especially on YT, you will find many of us speaking out about our harassment. It has always struck me as telling that we are disproportionately represented among those claiming to be TIs–black women like me and more famously, like author, Gloria Naylor and I’m sure many more who don’t yet realize they are TIs. And some of whom may never realize it. Maybe they will be among the unfortunate ones like those in the above article, whom will take their own lives. Not because they are ‘depressed’ or ‘mentally ill’ but b/c the US government and it’s proxies are covertly using them as involuntary human guinea pigs via V2k and Directed Energy Weapons. And given the history of covert US government & private medical experimentation on black people going back to slavery as documented in Harriet Washington’s book, Medical Apartheid, this is not hyperbole. Why would directed energy weapons experimentation be any different? Even the 2010 Bio-Ethics Committee Hearings (can be viewed on YT), which were a smokescreen and never intended to resolve and certainly not end, illegal & covert US government human experimentation–you see that middle-aged black women, are again, over-represented in relation to our population numbers. My targeting was revealed to me in 2010 while living in LA and I have read that most of those complaining about covert harassment and targeting are located in the state of California. I believe this to be ground zero for it. And what I have repeatedly noted in this blog about Voice To Skull is that it mimics the widespread touted DSM-V symptoms of ‘mental illness’ and schizophrenia perfectly. But I’m sure that’s precisely the objective. The perfect state crime-hidden in plain sight. Just like the former USSR’s policy of punitive psychiatry. And for those who think this statement  is far-fetched and paranoid–have we not heard of Tuskegee, Mk-ULTRA, CoIntelpro and a host of other documented, covert and ILLEGAL experiments & pogroms the US government has admittedly subjected unaware citizens to? Again, THEY admitted to and eventually declassified their documented crimes. So why would it be a stretch to believe that this continues today? What are the odds that a criminal will self-regulate and stop committing crimes that they have continually gotten away with—for centuries? Especially, governmental agencies and proxies who see themselves as above the law and acting as god with a little g. If a person upon hearing V2k is not aware that the technology exists (like the commercial version of the US military’s voice to skull—audio spotlight technology) then I can see how many could fold under the weight and initial shock. In my case,  there have been many times over the years, when I have been encouraged via the V2K to ‘kill myself’ which I sneeringly responded, ‘Why would I kill myself over this bs? Kill myself b/c of the US government’s psychosis? I don’t need to commit suicide, I need to be cloned.’ And so suicide, for me at least, was never an option. I’m clear that I’m not the problem. The freaks of nature who are conducting this covert and illegal experimentation are the ones who need to do the world a favor and commit suicide. Not me. There needs to be a billion more of me and the world would be an infinitely better place. Certainly, for most of the world’s population.  I believe that California is again, ground zero for this illegal US government experimentation and also believe ties into what the late author Dave McGowan relayed in his writings about Laurel Canyon and the US military laboratory and observatory and how it was used historically. What goes on in the dark…

May, 2016–D. Blackwell


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TIs Should Sue the US govt for Attempted Murder?

It has been studied and is known that lack of sleep or sleep deprivation and increased rates of mortality are related. Well, as any genuine TI will tell you, we are–FOR YEARS AND DECADES on end–subjected to directed energy weapon attacks, particularly at night, that deliberately disrupt sleep and lead to prolonged sleep deprivation. In addition, we are also being irradiated for years and decades by a bombardment of electromagnetic pulsed waves (which is another form of attempted murder)..all surreptitiously because the cowardly criminally insane freaks of nature working for the organized criminal network SOME call a government, think they can get away with it.

Researchers from the University of Warwick, and University College London, have found that lack of sleep can more than double the risk of death from cardiovascular disease. However they have also found that point comes when too much sleep can also more than double the risk of death.

In research to be presented to the British Sleep Society, Professor Francesco Cappuccio from the University of Warwick’s Warwick Medical School  will show the results of a study of how sleep patterns affected the mortality of 10,308  civil servants in the “Whitehall II study.” Amongst other things the data they used provided information on the mortality rates and sleep patterns on the same group of civil servants at two points in their life (1985-8 and those still alive in 1992-3).

The researchers took into account other possible factors such age, sex, marital status, employment grade, smoking status, physical activity, alcohol consumption, self-rated health, body mass index, blood pressure, cholesterol, other physical illness etc. Once they had adjusted for those factors they were able to isolate the effect that changes in sleep patterns over 5 years had on mortality rates 11-17 years later.

Taking those who had not made any change in their sleeping habits between 1985-8 and 1992-3  as their baseline (7 hours per night being the figure normally recommended as an appropriate period of sleep for an adult) they were able to see what difference having reduced the amount of sleep over time  made to mortality rates by 2004.

Those who had cut their sleeping from 7h to 5 hours or less faced a 1.7 fold increased risk in mortality from all causes, and twice the increased risk of death from a cardiovascular problem in particular.

Professor Francesco Cappuccio from the University of Warwick’s Warwick Medical School  will say to the British Sleep Society: “Fewer hours sleep and greater levels of sleep disturbance have become widespread in industrialised societies. This change, largely the result of sleep curtailment to create more time for leisure and shift-work, has meant that reports of fatigue, tiredness and excessive daytime sleepiness are more common than a few decades ago. Sleep represents the daily process of physiological restitution and recovery, and lack of sleep has far-reaching effects.”

Curiously the researchers also found that too much sleep also increased mortality. They found that those individuals who showed an increase in sleep duration to 8 hours or more a night were more than twice as likely to die as those who had not changed their habit, however, predominantly from non-cardiovascular diseases.

Professor Francesco Cappuccio says: “Short sleep has been shown to be a risk factor for weight gain, hypertension and Type 2 diabetes sometimes leading  to mortality but in contrast to the short sleep-mortality association it appears that no potential mechanisms by which long sleep could be associated with increased mortality have yet been investigated. Some candidate causes for this include depression, low socioeconomic status and cancer-related fatigue.”

“In terms of prevention, our findings indicate that consistently sleeping around 7  hours per night is optimal for health and a sustained reduction may predispose to ill-health.”

The research paper entitled: “A prospective study of change in sleep duration; associations with mortality in the Whitehall II cohort” will be published in the  Journal Sleep and the full list of the authors is: Jane E. Ferrie, Martin J. Shipley, Francesco P. Cappuccio,  Eric Brunner, Michelle A. Miller, Meena Kumari,  and Michael G. Marmot

Story Source:

The above post is reprinted from materials provided by University of Warwick. Note: Materials may be edited for content and length


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The ‘New’ Compartmentalized “Jonestowns” Worldwide…

I believe wholeheartedly, though I obviously can’t prove it (right now)–that those who are TIs like myself, are being subjected to this ongoing & illegal experimentation, for years and decades on end, pretty much undetected by the communities and world at large, hiding in plain sight, so to speak, because the CIA has almost unlimited financial and political resources. If you are like most TIs, once your targeting has moved into this ‘final’ phase; 9 times out of 10, you are financially ruined or destitute, isolated socially from both your loved ones and any friends you may have had and so then, it becomes much easier for them to ‘experiment’ on you without much ado. At least, that’s the way it’s planned. But we all know what they say about the ‘best laid plans’?

First off, let me say, I don’t believe the stalking, audio harassment and 24 hr monitoring and surveillance is anything ‘new’ for TIs. I just think that once our targeting has reached this ‘stage’ of the game; they simply ramp up what has probably been life long experimentation. I believe, at least in my case (as I believe is the case for MOST TIs)–that i have been a human guinea pig from at least my early childhood but more than likely–from birth. I mentioned on another post that my original birth certificate curiously lists me and my parent’s race as ‘white’ (there is an addendum that corrects this and I didn’t know any of this until adulthood when I obtained my birth certificate for work-related matters).  I say this is ‘curious’ since we are in no way ‘white-looking or appearing’–in other words, we are not black people of the Adam Clayton Powell or Lena Horne assortment–much more like Paul Robeson or James Baldwin–so there is no way anyone with clear eyesight could have made that mistake.

It is my belief since my targeting and covert experimentation has been revealed to me–that this may have been a way to ‘flag’ me or us in the system. And perhaps a way to skew the racial stats that most assuredly have to exist somewhere for what I believe is more than likely generations-old covert and illegal experimentation by the US government being perpetrated on the black community.  In hindsight, there was a lot of ‘trauma’, both psychological & physical that happened to me as a child & adolescent that I think set the stage for where I am today. I think this is more than likely the case for all legitimate TIs. I think why someone like me is selected for audio harassment like voice to ear; is probably because I have been selected for a form of behavior-modification that the Frank Church Committee Hearings documents revealed to be a major component of the CIA’s MK-ULTRA mind control program.

I wholeheartedly believe that what I’m being subjected to is basically the US government covertly creating behaviors that are either seen as asocial or negatively affecting ‘test subjects’ like me (OCD, hoarding, bi-polarism–these are just examples–I’m not saying I suffer from any of–these behaviors and our responses are negatively reinforced through out our youth and young adulthood and surreptitiously monitored via proxies/contractors (we saw this with Tuskegee)–and later in these unaware test subjects’ lives they implement a phase of ‘attempted modification’ that in effect, seeks to reverse these artificially-created (by them) behaviors thru methodologies we now call organized gang stalking, covert targeting/stalking, psychic driving which  is a method used by the infamous Dr. Donald Ewan Cameron while working for the CIA at Canada’s McGill University; psychotropic drugs or electro-shock therapy and voice to skull (V2k), etc.  I am sure this is what nazi ‘scientists’ operating in places like Auschwitz & Dachau were possibly studying during WWII and if not; Operation Paperclip has made their perverse wet dreams possible.

I see this ‘system’ as antithetical to mental health and humanity in general. So it should be little surprise that my heroes are what most in society would see as ‘extremists’ or left of center ideologists. But make no mistake about it—my political views are not the REASON or CAUSE of the illegal and covert targeting and human experiments the US government and it’s proxies are engaged in—this is what they would like people who are reading this to believe. That somehow something I said or did caused this. My belief is that my entire family has probably, in various capacities and degrees—been used as involuntary and unaware human guinea pigs for generations. In the same way that Africans held no blame in their kidnapping and eventual enslavement in this country—I and my family hold no responsibility for what these racist, eugenicist nazi psychos posing as legitimate government entities, have chosen to implement and use—like slavery—purely for profit.

In my case, after having gone through other TIs personal journeys and testimonies and thinking about my own experience; I believe that the apartment where Voice to Ear was introduced to me–2821 West Blvd, #103, LA 90016–is what I think they call a CIA ‘safe house’..what appears to be an ordinary residence or place of business in the community that is owned by a possible CIA business front or a proxy and is used as a covert CIA black ops site. I believe that TIs like me, who don’t have the luxury of owning our own homes–are shuffled or guided as it were to CIA owned properties (and think about how much illegal and undocumented money the world’s largest illegal drug & arms dealer would have at it’s disposal?)..where I believe that whatever technology is being utilized to cause the neurological disturbances, which include the noise harassment, like stomping & bamming that only I ‘hear’; that cause the accelerated heart racing that happens primarily at night; the sensation of being virtually sexually assaulted or molested, again, something that happens only at night; the extreme body heat generated that I believe is caused by directed energy weapons; I also feel the sensation of my spine being manipulated or something moving up and down it, along with the feeling of my body vibrating or shaking. All of above generally only happen at night. There is also the manipulation of dreams or the attempts at blocking out dreams.

There is also the attempts to suppress or heighten sexual desire or thoughts, I guess depending on what type of sexual pervert is doing the ‘experiment’ on that particular day. Of course, I have no way of knowing whether directed energy weapons or what ever technology is being used to facilitate all of these neurological and bodily disturbances is mobile and needs to be in close proximity to the target or whether this is being done from a large distance. I do know that in LA when I was first introduced to this, I remember getting violently sick, vomiting and also having an excruciating headache–so this could have been a result of something I ingested or perhaps it was them ‘turning’ this technology on for the first time and this was my body’s reaction to it. I also recall that this occurred after being laid off from DoD Defense Contractor Raytheon in 2009. I wouldn’t find out til recently that Raytheon & Boeing, the other defense contractor that I worked security for; both create the type of US military technology that TIs like me are being targeted with. Co-incidence? Doubtful. I was actually laid off from this job b/c ostensibly (after a year) my credit was too poor to continue working for them. It didn’t hit me til recently..that the company that hired me–Pinkerton, couldn’t have been that incompetent to take a whole year to find out this info. In this day and age of computerized everything, credit reports and pretty much anything else can be accessed almost immediately–but it took Pinkerton a year to find this out? I’m wondering if working at these DoD contractors is how my implants were somehow activated? As I mentioned above–I did get incredibly sick after getting laid off and this is when the V2k kicked in…Interesting. But I do realize that what is going on now, is primarily on auto-pilot and definitely not ‘live’. I remember early on when I moved back to San Diego in 2011, the Voice to Ear, mistakenly referred to me as Joanne. Apparently, the US government has so many TIs on their rolls, they can’t keep our names straight in the computers. Dumb asses.  It’s absolutely possible that in LA, it was ‘live’, at least partially. As i said previously, there are a lot of unemployed actors/actresses in LA and I’m sure if given the opportunity to work, even if they were not told what their ‘scripts’ were really being used for; would jump at something like this. But the psy ops was very specific to what they had deemed were my own personal insecurities. As I’ve said many times, what worked on me would not work on someone else. This is NOT a one size fits all harassment. And that’s why I KNOW this is US intel/military-based harassment.

I also wholeheartedly believe there should be a class-action lawsuit against the US government for continually surreptitiously holding black people in virtual and literal involuntary servitude via this multi-generational targeting of whole families. I emphatically believe that families like mine are being used, without our consent and knowledge, as involuntary human guinea pigs in various medical and military experiments–funded and conducted on behalf of the US ‘government’.  TIs, like me, I believe, are placed on secret ‘lists’ where we are actually sold to different entities— both private and governmental, for the purpose of testing medications, medical and psychiatric drugs and procedures; military technologies and covert military experimentation, etc. The US government is then actively making money and profit from the sale of unsuspecting human guinea pigs, most probably by charging ‘user fees’ for access to what are supposed to be ‘citizens’ to private businesses (domestic and foreign), public universities, hospitals, medical facilities, research laboratories, corporations and the US military; as well as foreign militaries and governments. All of this goes on for generations, in much the same way that chattel slavery existed in the US for centuries.

And this is why I believe if there was a TI list made publicly available, we would find that the overwhelming majority of those subjected to this most insidious crime against humanity, hiding in plain sight–I would bet MY LIFE, that most of us are black. Most TIs are unaware of the true circumstances of their lives and go through life thinking their continual ‘bad luck’ is based on poor choices and circumstances they are in control of. Most are oblivious (as well as the general public) that the US government is covertly conducting ongoing and life long ‘mind control’ and behavioral modification experimentation on people from birth–for generations. I also believe, based on my daily subjection to local SD cop & California border control cars patrolling my every move about the city of San Diego, in the same way that I’m sure runaway slaves were hunted in the antebellum south–it is obvious, that the US government, is just as amoral, depraved and bereft of conscience, as they have shown themselves to be for the entirety of the existence of what we know as the USA. I also expect them to surreptitiously either track me (via my implants) and probably with boots (with paid foreign proxies like they do here with local SD cops–more than likely from the precinct located in City Heights on Fairmont Ave.) on the ground when I do leave this country. As I am aware, that as of Jan 2018, US Passport changes are in store, I wouldn’t be surprised if these freaks of nature are so paranoid, that they would try to keep people like me from traveling outside of this prison some call a country. Of course, it will all be covert, just like the daily V2k and directed energy weapon assaults I’m bombarded with. Which begs the question: why are these barbaric beasts so cowardly if they think they are so omnipotent? Why the public dance? Why not just come out and tell the world how barbaric you truly are? (not that you have ever hid it well).

Devonah Blackwell


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Gloria Naylor: TI

I have included this entry about author Gloria Naylor because as far as I know, she is the only well-known or ‘famous’ Targeted Individual who has shared their story with the public. And although I have never personally spoken to this fellow black woman–her story of U.S. government covert harassment resonates. It is also my story. And probably the story of the other untold numbers of black women whom I believe are being disproportionately targeted with this technology. Curiously, 1996 is the year Ms. Naylor mentions as the beginning of her targeting. It is also the year I moved cross-country from Michigan to California.


Gloria Naylor is considered one of the leading African American writers of our time. She has written for theatre, film, and television, and is the author of six novels, including “The Women of Brewster Place” which won the national book award in 1983. Her books have been translated into twelve languages and are taught at college campuses throughout the world.

But in her book, “1996″, she details the horrors of the year in which she first became a target of government surveillance, psychological warfare and ultimately electronic mind control.


Listen to Ms. Naylor’s 2010 audio interview discussing her experience as a US government Targeted Individual, with Greg Szymanski of the Arctic Beacon Journal here:

The below is a letter written & signed by Gloria Naylor in what appears to be an official plea for help from the then NY State Attorney General. As a TI, I undoubtedly can guess what resulted from her sincere plea: the same thing that has been the result for the vast majority of TIs–nada.

A letter to Attorney General

January 9, 2007
Attorney General
Organized Crime Task Force
Attn: John Dormin
Albany, NY 12224

Dear Attorney General:

I am a native New Yorker and have resided in the state for my entire life. I graduated from Brooklyn College in 1981 and went on to earn my Masters degree at Yale University. I have had a long and successful career in the arts. My work in the theater has earned me honorary grants from New York State; but it is primarily in the field of literature that I’ve made my mark. My various novels have received many awards, among them a Guggenheim Fellowship, and my first novel, The Women Of Brewster Place, won the National Book Award in 1983 and was made into a television miniseries by Oprah Winfrey. I have tried to live a peaceful and law abiding life; tried to give back to my community and to the world through teaching at various universities and through touring for the United States Information Agency in Africa and India. So I am in a quandary as to why in 1996 I first became a target for constant surveillance, organized harassment, and ultimately assault by electronic weaponry.

The surveillance began in Beaufort, South Carolina, where I was researching a novel and continued when I returned to my home in New York. Six months into this experience I began to “hear voices.” Among the many messages were exhortations to kill myself. And I did what I would suggest anyone do under such circumstances: I sought medical help. After almost ten years, three psychiatrists, and prescriptions of haldol, a chemical reason for this condition was ruled out by professionals. That is because the reason was technological. But that was beyond their pervue. I do not believe it is beyond yours; because my circumstances make me the target of an organized and concerted operation to deny me my civil and human rights.

Over the years I have calmly and systematically tried to bring various elements of my plight to the authorities I felt would be concerned with it: The surveillance and wiretapping to the attention of the local police, civil rights attorneys, human rights organizations, and the progressive press. The technological abuse I brought to no one because, while there is knowledge of its existence, and knowledge of decades of experimental abuse of emerging technology on unwilling citizens, there is nothing concretely documented about this current wave, I am in the midst of history in the making; and like COINTELPRO and MKULTRA and the radiation experiments from the 1950′s to the 1980′s, I stand as one among many who have had their lives and their sanity disrupted and often destroyed. But I also stand as a resident of New York State; and I am bringing to your office a declaration of these human rights abuses on one of your residents.

Gloria Naylor


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Covert & Illegal Experimentation on Black People Is As Amerikan As Apple Pie…

Some More US Government Sponsored Experiments

This is just one of the most extreme and grotesque examples of what has been done to black people by psychological cripples passing as human in the US.

Author Harriet Washington details a long documented history of medical experiments on specifically black people in her well-researched book, Medical Apartheid.

Another instance of the medical establishment using black people as involuntary guinea pigs is the story of Henrietta Lacks. I’m sure most of us have read her story.

I don’t have the space, time nor energy right now to list here at length the experiments that were REVEALED; because you can believe that there are probably 20 times more that have YET to fully come to light–including the Targeted Individual Phenomena. (I will come back and fill this space with details as time permits.)

But I have to post the below You Tube video featuring another horrific and barbaric incidence of the US government, in concert with the medical establishment, covertly experimenting on unsuspecting black people. This  now deceased man, Vertus Hardiman, was used as a young boy in radiation experiments that literally left him with a gaping HOLE in his skull. We are dealing with sick, barbaric bastards who need to pay for these crimes against humanity. This man may have forgiven them but I will NEVER forget nor forgive.


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Do I Think I Was I Randomly Chosen As a T.I.?

NOTE: This is a work in progress and I will continue to add to it as time allows—until I believe it gives a fuller picture of what I believe is the genesis of my Targeting experience. I don’t claim to know it all or have any concrete proof–but then, that is the hallmark of all covert US government documented black ops pogroms–most victims are oblivious to their participation or involvement until years & decades later–if, ever. But as we have seen in the past, The Tuskegee Experiment, MK-ULTRA, CoINtelpro & Jonestown, Guyana, to name just a few of  nefarious, covert US government-funded operations, were not revealed to the general public until long after their supposed cessation. I emphasize ‘supposed’ because I don’t believe any of the aforementioned pogroms were actually completely halted–simply merged with or morphed into other programs; had names/acronyms changed & operations funneled to contractors. I would bet my life that each of these pogroms is still operating today in some form or another.

Do I believe I have been randomly chosen as a US Government/military involuntary human guinea pig? Absolutely NOT. It is my belief, that those of us who are being subjected to the Targeting phenomena; are anything but random. But I also believe that what our targeting experiences are intended to convey to the general public is, that ordinary ‘citizens’, at anytime, can be scooped up into the rubric of this post 9-11 Police State.In other words: our targeting experiences are meant to scare the shit out of the rest of the populace as a WARNING as to what could happen to you if you DARE get out of line. That’s the intent anyway, I believe.

I used to think along those lines too—especially after 2001 and what I saw as the uptick of draconian and gestapo-like US policies that seemed to me to be aimed , in particular, at people who shared my opinions & worldviews. Views that I realize a lot of US citizens would consider ‘radical’ or ‘extremist’. Of course, radical and extremist are relative terms. But let me clarify my particular worldviews: I’m more likely to fall on the political continuum of let’s say former congressional representatives Dr. Cynthia Mckinney and  Dennis Kucinich than I am a Barack Obama or Hitlery Clinton. I would say I’m waaaay left of center of the latter two, who in my opinion, are no different in deeds than George Bush or Dick Cheney. They are the flip side of the same tin coin.

Now I don’t want this to become a referendum on my political views because I believe they are in fact, irrelevant to my targeting; in as much, as they probably were developed as a RESULT of my targeting and not the cause of it. I’ll get into why I say that later.

So right now in 2015, I can say unequivocally that I believe people who share my views were made to be visible targets so that the public would then invariably believe that we had DONE OR SAID something to run afoul of the US government crime enforcement apparatus and thus would easily accept our reported harassment as ultimately OUR FAULT.

And I initially believed the same when I first became aware of my targeting in 2010, while living in LA. I had a cursory knowledge of the FBI’s CoINTELPRO and of course, having been in the military, the interrogation portion of my V2k, instinctively struck me as Military Psy Ops..and when I say ‘interrogation’ I mean, that i audially heard a voice of what sounded like a white male, asking me all kinds of questions about my beliefs, opinions, my sexuality, and even accusing me of being a pedophile and wanting to have sex with my adult son–yes, sick and depraved–and the entire time I’m being ‘grilled’–I never saw who was speaking to me. It was a literally a virtual interrogation.  But back to what I was thinking at that time–obviously I was in shock and confused as to what was happening; and I also was solely focused on recent history (9/11) and at the time thought that maybe this was the reason for my targeting and being singled out. But since then, I’ve started to remember strange occurrences in my childhood that I had forgotten about and I am now convinced that…

My targeting & harassment didn’t begin in 2010 or even in 2001, in the aftermath of the supposed ‘terrorist’ attack on NYC and the subsequent passage of the US Patriot Act–I believe my V2k & 24/7 monitoring & harassment, which was DELIBERATELY & pointedly revealed to me back in 2010;  is simply the CULMINATION of what is more than likely LIFE LONG targeting & covert, black ops experimentation by elements of the US Government ‘Intel’ Agencies and those operating in concert with them. In my opinion, this is just another phase of what is undoubtedly U.S. government-sponsored & funded, illegal and covert experimentation that probably began at birth–for me, I’m pretty sure of…but since it’s highly unlikely that the US government would spend time, energy and resources on the covert experimentation of a single person or even a single family–this is probably also true for MILLIONS of other TIs born in the US & abroad.

So what do I mean by that? It means, in my opinion, based on what I recall as ‘oddities’ from my childhood that never really made sense UNTIL now & other parallel experiences of other immediate family members; it leads me to emphatically believe that my whole immediate family, including my mother, sisters and son; to also be life long targeted individuals. How far back in my family this goes is the only question I have; but there is no doubt, in my mind, that this, like the infamous Tuskegee Experiment and the lesser publicized MK-ULTRA, is multi-generational, and ongoing.

So again, I don’t believe that TIs are being randomly singled out. I believe what TIs are experiencing is just another instance of what has been the long & documented US sponsored Nazi experimentation on black people, in particular, that has been going on since blacks were kidnapped and enslaved in this country. Yes, I believe in jumping into the deep end. No need to pussyfoot around. And this is not a revolutionary opinion, nor is this subject matter new. It’s been written about many times, in many quarters. In my opinion, one of the most impressive and exhaustive books on the topic is Harriet Washington’s, Medical Apartheid.

So why am I the only one in my family whom they chose to reveal this to? Because, trust me; I could have been kept in the dark probably til death and just like most, would have internalized the bad luck and seemingly bad choices I continually made. I could have continued to think that my life long insecurities and social phobias about life long medical ailments were ‘just life’. That my seemingly chosen social isolation and lack of intimacy was something that had solely been decided by me. And not CHOSEN for me. Why do I believe the US govt/military or elements of the US govt/military would waste vast resources and time on ordinary people like me? My gut feeling is simply as a ‘controlled sample’. I think they want to ostensibly ‘monitor’ how we would react in life and to then set up what many in my position have been set up for: prostitution or sex work or strategic placement in certain employment or job positions, i.e. entertainment, politics, military, law enforcement or public health.

I also believe that a lot of those who are targeted as children end up being used by organized pedophile rings specifically set up for use by US government officials, like those chronicled in the book, The Franklin Scandal; as well, as used as drug couriers or low level drug dealers or gang members; I also believe some end up being famous celebs whose names we know well; as well as those who become accused high profile lone wolf or lone ‘nut’ patsies in infamous crimes. There are many in history who fit this profile. I will name just the ones I can think of off the top of my head: Charles Manson, Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray, Ted Kaczynski, more popularly known as ‘the Unabomber’ & John Hinckley, just to name a few of the most infamous. I also believe the theory postulated best by late author Dave McGowan: that a lot of the most notorious US-born serial and spree murderers were also unaware government guinea pigs & Targeted Individuals. In a nutshell, this is a multi-generational US government-sponsored covert mind control pogrom that I believe uses psychological trauma to stunt or thwart the independent growth potential of TIs–then deliberately and in a calculated manner releases them out onto the population and later ostensibly swoops in to ‘save the day’. The Hegelian Doctrine at it’s most diabolical.

I believe from very early on, TIs are subjected to massive and varying amounts or combinations of psychological, sexual and sometimes physical trauma to ensure psychological trauma at varying levels of functionality. It could be trauma based on life long or sudden medical conditions or ailments; or perhaps trauma from sexual molestation/assault or perhaps a child will develop abandonment issues because of a physically absent parent or a physically present but emotionally distant parent or because of a drug-addicted parent. The possibilities are as endless as the human condition. I believe the ultimate aim of this insidious nazi pogrom is to produce emotionally and psychologically stunted humans who are easily led, manipulated and controlled. All the while this is done covertly so that individual TIs are not even aware that the manufactured trauma-based programming is going on. They invariably probably end up thinking they are just screw ups or that a life of poor decisions are their own ‘fault’.

I believe I was ‘flagged’ in life from the very beginning. Born in Lima, a small town in northwestern Ohio, my birth certificate curiously lists me and my parents as ‘white’. If you could see my parents and I, I’m sure you would wonder how in the hell that kind of ‘mistake’ took place?  We are all clearly black. Clearly.  There is actually an addendum to the original birth certificate with the corrected race changed to ‘black’–but again, you have to wonder how this happened in the first place? It’s not like I was born at the turn of the 20th century. It was 1967 but I didn’t discover this odd piece of personal history until decades later after I had to send off for my birth certificate as most of us invariably do for identification purposes. Imagine my surprise.

If they had of looked at either of my parents; it would have been obvious from the beginning. My mom used to say that she thought it was a ‘simple’ case of racist notions because my father’s profession was not one at that time usually held by blacks. But if that was a plausible explanation; why is it that whomever filled in this information not only made assumptions about my father’s race but then subsequently also had to make a conscious decision to change mine and my mother’s race to ostensibly ‘match’ his? I now tend to think that my flagging in the system had less to do with my dad’s vocation than something more sinister.

Paranoid or reaching? Maybe. But in the 40 years since, there have been a lot of ‘strange occurrences’ in my life that prior to 2010, I would have just chalked up to random or curious ‘oddities’. Hind sight is indeed 20/20. Now, I believe all are related to what I now know to be lifelong covert & illegal experimentation by the US government. The reason I believe this is true, particularly in my case, is because I recall one of the most memorable ‘oddities’ of my youth is dreaming regularly about becoming a prostitute. This has always struck me as strange and it never made any sense til my targeting was revealed to me.

Now this fact would be strange enough by itself but my younger sister also used to constantly ‘joke’ about robbing banks. I  always thought it extremely odd that a young girl would keep saying something that screwball. Even as a joke. This was probably in the 80’s. And though I never took my sister’s ‘joke’ seriously, again it always struck me as odd and stuck in my mind. Now, of course, I didn’t end up as a  prostitute nor did my sister end up ‘setting it off’ robbing banks, but you have to admit these incredibly odd memories are more than a little suspect; especially since we were never around any known criminals. And if someone was criminally-inclined, I certainly don’t recall anyone close to us verbalizing it so it wouldn’t have been anything I heard that would have given us ‘ideas’ so there really is no plausible explanation as to why we both had these odd child & teenage thoughts.

That is, until I started reading up on declassified US government/military mind control tactics used in pogroms like Mk-ULTRA and then additionally learning about standard cult programming methodologies–this info then put my reoccurring teenage dreams in context. I’ve also had the UFO-sighting experience that so many people through out the years have described–I was about 12 and spending the summer in Ohio at the time and remember waking up in the middle of the night and looking out of a bedroom window and believing what i could have sworn was a UFO; I ran outside in my pajamas and recall barely dodging an oncoming car driving down the street as i tried to view the object in the sky. Years later, I recall another dream I had while a college student, dabbling in poetry and dreaming one night about a clear vision of some unknown large ‘encyclopedic-looking’ book and feeling the urge to get up and write down what I ‘saw’ in my dream. As for dreaming about being a prostitute–I now believe these thoughts were ‘fed’ to me, in the same way that words & phrases are being externally fed to me now via what is largely known as V2k. I’m not sure about the UFO experience–I recall at the time, it being a real experience, but from the cursory reading I’ve done about UFO sightings and skeptics; it’s possible that what I recall was simply a dream. Not sure. And I honestly have no way of knowing definitively if V2k was used on ME & my family during my youth and young adulthood in the 70’s & 80’s, but I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if I was to find out it was. The public exposure of CoINTEPRO & Mk-ULTRA during the Frank Church Committee Hearings in 77 I believe, revealed what desperate lengths elements of the US government were willing to go to keep the general populace, and in particular, the black populace, in check. And so based on their own declassified documents–mind control was considered a legitimate objective.  Do I have proof that I was indeed a TI in my youth? Of course not..but my theory is just as plausible as any other. Especially since most of the nefarious & criminal US government activity referenced by Targeted Individuals like me, is based not on simple conjecture and fantasy;  but on declassified documents revealed by the US government itself.

I also notice that a LOT of Targeted IndividuaIs share a military connection. Several of my male family members were former military: both my father and my sister’s father were former military vets; as am I. I’m not sure if we are lured into the military where this military grade technology (specifically nano implants) is implanted somehow or if there is another reason; but I’ve read too many other TI testimonies from people who also share the military background for me to believe that this is coincidence or random. 30+ years ago, I would have thought you mad had you told me I would have even considered joining the Army.

I knew I wanted to be an artist from the age of 12 and was pretty much confident that I was going to college to major in art. I recall actually thinking as a teen that people joining the military were not very smart & believed that I would never be ‘desperate’ enough to choose that option. Yes, snob I was and obviously at that time, had no idea that I would soon join those ‘desperate’ ranks. Years later, a confluence of circumstances that in hindsight I don’t believe were random (as you can probably tell, I no longer believe in ‘coincidences’)–sent me into the US Army at the age of 17. And while I tested pretty high on the military standardized test ASFAB, I felt coerced by my then recruiter into choosing an administrative job, 71 Lima as my MOS (an acronym that stands for Military Occupational Specialty & as I write this I’m also noticing another ‘coincidence’–I enlisted at the age of 17 (reverse of 71) while living in Lima, Ohio. Funny I never noticed that before.)…Another flag?…

But I digress..anyway, I was basically corralled into choosing to be what I considered to be a glorified secretary, when that is the LAST job I would have normally been interested in; but in fairness I did join the Army under the ‘buddy system’ with my cousin and she had already chosen that MOS so maybe that was the reason for forcing me to choose that particular MOS. Today, I don’t recall if that was explained to me at the time, but that would make sense. An interesting side story to my military story: I really hadn’t had much of a relationship with my 1st cousin whom I ended up going into the military with under the buddy system prior to my senior year in school, since we were raised in different states and I really was never really close to my paternal side of the family; but the irony is that we both got out of the military earlier than our contracted exits (we both ended up pregnant) and since that time, over 30 years ago, we still haven’t had much of a relationship. Which I think is another hallmark of this programming–they want you to be as estranged from other family members as possible so that you cannot effectively ‘compare notes’. I am quite positive based on what I do know about my cousins’ life since the military, that she too, more likely than not, is also a TI.

But thinking about my state of mind at 17, though I wasn’t thrilled about the MOS I felt foisted on me; I recall being excited about being able to live outside the country and the prospect of travel. I was young, oblivious and certainly hadn’t developed any sort of political or worldview at that time.  In fact, my mother had to sign for me since I was a minor. She knew that I wasn’t in her words, ‘military material’ but I can be headstrong and felt at that time that the only way that I would be able to afford college, was to join the military and qualify for college money. At least at the time, that’s what I believed: that these were my own desires and thoughts.

I’m sure many, many young and poor and in particular, of color youth find themselves in the same position each year. I know I’m not alone on that. In retrospect though & practically speaking, I could have also just as easily enrolled in the local community college and I certainly would have qualified for federal grants to pay for school without ever having to enlist in the military. Millions of kids my age at that time also do this each year. And two of the most profound ironies of what I then thought was my own decision that the military was the only option: 1. My mother had herself been enrolled in community college during my childhood–using Pell Grants and so why she never brought this up to me as an alternative is more than a little curious & 2. The fact that after exiting the military, I ended up not even using the military GI bill option to pay for college which is the sole reason I supposedly opted to go into to the military in the 1st place. I ultimately ended up STILL relying on Pell Grants and unncessary student loans to pay for college in the end.

The reason? When I exited the army, I was a single parent and opted to cash out my contributions to the GI Bill (the military matched my contributions as I recall)..because frankly, I needed money. Short-sighted? On surface, yes. But again, I believe I was ‘guided’ towards that military decision. When I say this, people may think me delusional and reaching..but as a TI, who has been researching the capabilities of directed energy weapons and voice to ear and the subliminal mind control programming that has been researched and more than likely perfected by the US intel/military over perhaps almost a CENTURY of application–and again, keep in mind what I said about my dreams of becoming a prostitute as a teen–so yes, in my opinion, it is absolutely plausible that the decisions I made at the time were subliminally ‘fed’ to me. This is the ultimate objective of covert mind control, I would think: to have your ‘subject’ take subliminal cues or directives from you while being completely unaware these thoughts/desires are originating from another source. On a very practical level, subliminal marketing has proven that this can and is done daily with the general populace. So is it really such a giant leap to think that the US ‘intel’ agencies and the military have been putting their diabolical heads & virtually unlimited resources together to come up with a pogrom that is catered specifically to a person who is an unaware ‘controlled sample’ from birth to see how well targeted & specific subliminal programming works? Again, the evidence is provided by THEM. The CIA’s Mk-ULTRA proves that at the very least—organized & systemic pogrom attempts were made. Not just pondered or theorized about but MADE. And that is just one of the many black ops pogroms we know about. I’m sure there are multitudes more we have YET to discover.

So though I was distressed about the MOS and didn’t find out til years later, that the US Army actually has an MOS that was more in line with my interests: Graphic Arts, where I actually would have been trained to create military advertising; I did end up liking my eventual assignment with the US Army Criminal Investigation Department’s Lab (CID) in Frankfurt, Germany. As the name implies, they were responsible for investigating all crimes committed by military & non-military. I ended up working as an Evidence Custodian during what ended up being a short stint in the Army. I say curious because I had no prior interest in ‘law enforcement’ and what seemed ‘random’ at the time, is in retrospect anything but. I was in the military for less than 2 years; having become pregnant with my son, I opted for an early release. ( My enlistment release ended up being a few months short of that time which again, I believe, was planned, since this disqualified me for many military perks and benefits that would have been afforded me if I had of stayed in for a minimum of 2 years. I would see this ‘pattern’ played out in other ways later on, again & again, in other life/employment situations).


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Breakdown of US Government Targeting Methods

Tales About The Sociopaths Upstairs

Friday, August 10, 2012
A Complete Breakdown of US Govt Targeting/Methods

Ok, I wanted to revisit some of the tactics that were used to ‘reel’ me in at the advent of this bizarre, creepy experiment the government has apparently targeted me with but 1st I wanted to comment on a movie that I just came across, that deals with the United States Government version of D.E.W., Doo-Doo (and it’s so named because like most manaical plans coming out of the sociopathic, deranged minds of the supremely fearful and paranoid–the govt’s Doo-Doo ‘doesn’t work worth shit’–so hence the name–anyway, on to my opinion of the movie, “CONTROL FACTOR”…I watched all of it and it’s definitely an amazing piece of fantasy with bits of true life in it.

Yes, the government (misnomered ‘intelligence agencies’) with the complicity of the medical establishment (or certain factions of it) is in my opinion covertly implanting unsuspecting citizens and targeting them with externally fed voices, among other things. There is also an intricate and involved psy ops pogrom that incorporates all of the targets known fears, insecurities, beliefs and personality quirks. This isn’t some random throw it up against the wall and see what sticks kind of harassment—it takes time, processing, culling, man hours and technology to gather this type of intimate and intricate information. The methodologies used in my targeting would not work on you and vice versa.

So the agencies who are at the helm of this ‘research’ are going to great lengths to target someone like me. Why? If you believe the bunk theme in the movie Control Factor, it’s for some higher ideal and for what is inferred at the end as the elevation of humanity. Oh really now? Past behavior is an indicator of future behavior? Yes? Then what have you seen in the past and current behavior of those in power that would indicate that a) they generally give a damn about uplifting humanity AND b) they are motivated by any such moral considerations in regards to why they target & harass citizens whose only ‘crime’ may be that their political views are deemed dangerous or beyond the ‘pale’? (pun intended) Yeah… I came up with nothing too.

Targeting, non-consensual human experimentation and attempts at mind control/behavior modification is about CONTROL of the human population. Plain and simple. Another interesting look behind the curtain touched on in the movie, was the synthetic emotions and how they were used via electromagnetic frequencies to alter moods on a mass scale. Think about the almost like clockwork and successive ever more bizarre and violent incidents that are happening nationwide? Chicago? The recent mass shootings in Colorado & Wisconsin?

The ‘false’ mass shooting in NY that actually turned out to be one lone gunman killing one person but the incompetent and apparently lacking in basic markmanship-like skills of the NYPD–who seemingly couldn’t hit an unmoving target but instead, hit 9 innocent bystanders. Too bad they don’t seem to be lacking in markmanship skills when it comes to killing innocent black men like Sean Bell, Amadou Diallo or the most recent shooting that occurred in Times Square of an un-armed black male. Could all of these recent shootings also be ‘staged’ attacks that are meant to bolster the publics’ support for the UN Small Arms Treaty? Will an already docile and compliant populace be more amenable to giving up their now guaranteed right to bear arms if the UN pushes this thru with the backing of the US?

In the movie Control Factor, there is a scene when the ‘aliens’ indicated they had the frequency of the anger that sparked the LA Rebellion and used it on an imaginary city of primarily black people…now that sounds totally plausible. Again, in my own personal experience with directed energy weapons attacks, synthetic emotions felt artificial and I immediately noticed them but who knows if I’m the norm in regards to that?

All I know is there is mass chaos going on all over this country and if these cretins possess the technology to affect mass behavior, don’t think for a second they wouldn’t use it. They are the ‘human’ equivalent of Lucifer trying to play God. And frankly only a suicidal, delusional fool would embark on that dead end path. I’m not particularly religious, in fact, I would say I’m not religious at all but instead spiritual; but I can see where this experiment is going.

Ultimately where all sociopathic excursions end up–as a big hot ass mess with the collective world reeling from the aftermath. And they would have us believe that they are an infallible, all-powerful & inescapable force of nature to be reckoned with; but the manner in which they operate speaks to something wholly opposite: they slink and hide in the shadows like a crack addict looking for their next rock or like a wanted fugitive constantly looking over their shoulder for the long arm of the law to ominously swoop down on them…this is NOT the way a sure of themselves, fearless, heroic world leader FUNCTIONS. This is the way a deeply psychologically disturbed, down-to-it’s-last-fix addict, who has no self-esteem left, no integrity, who is cowardly at their core and is convinced that they don’t have anything left to lose, behaves. A cornered, feral animal is what you have here. What we are witnessing at work here is the archetypical CRIMINAL that the above agencies SWEAR THEY are in the business of protecting the general public from.HA! As if..tell me, how can you genuinely expect JUSTICE from an organized network of CRIMINALS? Maybe I’m missing something here.

So I guess the question is: Must you become a criminal to snag a criminal? The answer is staring you right in the face if you are reading this blog. Back to the movie Control Factor: I guess if the CIA/FBI continues to co-opt hollywood and use them in the same way that they used authors like Gloria Naylor, Evelyn Waugh and even Orwell in the past to discreetly tell the public about their secret plans, then I guess we really shouldn’t be surprised that this film would try to make out the establishment as the hero in the end as opposed to the devil they really are. After all the devil IS in the details and I’m sure they are hoping we don’t notice them or even better–we are oblivious to them. A little revisionist history and embellishment of the truth is what hollywood after all is known for..

As I mentioned many times before non-person shill Janet Lauritsen Beumer’s son is Derek J. Beumer, who is reportedly a hollywood film producer. Makes it plausible that the so-called intelligence community is in bed with hollywood. I wouldn’t put ANYTHING past these troglodytes. I guess the best way for a cowardly bitch to do their dirty work is to sneak and skulk in the shadows and/or use easily manipulated dullards and lost souls to do the heavy lifting for you. It’s the american way it appears.. I mean that with every fiber of my being. You can’t even really call those responsible for these pogroms ‘human’. Maybe human-like or humanoid. But human? Maybe evolutionary throwbacks. But definitely a devolution. A species regression as it were. And they actually think they are superior to the masses on the planet. Laughable.

How is it that these people ostensibly ‘rule’ the world and have if not literally, metaphorically, commandeered this runaway train called humanity toward a steep cliff and is ready to kill not only themselves but all of us in the train with them? They have amassed most of the wealth, all of the power, though illusory, have availed themselves of unfettered access to most of the finite natural resources on the planet–YET, is it enough and do they appear satiated or happy? Take a look around you? Does it appear those who are mad with power and starved for more are happy with their spoils? No, it doesn’t look that way from my vantage point either. They APPEAR to be miserable fucks who are certifiably out of their minds. Seeing boogeymen around every corner. CREATING boogeymen where none exist to JUSTIFY their incessant paranoia. And these are the ‘people’ who populate the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, the DoD,the MI5’s, the Mossads and the other sundry domestic and foreign unknown or unnamed govt agencies or proxies working on their behalf. This is what your tax $$ are financing. This is what your obedience and apathy is feeding and encouraging. The same type of beast that was Nazi Germany. I guess we as humans never do learn, do we?

Let me now describe some of the sick,demented COINTELPRO/MK-ULTRA tactics used in the beginning of my Targeting initiation: Some of the scenarios that I was subjected to that were conceived by what I believe is government technology that is able to cull thoughts, fears, desires, and subsequently some latent psycho pinhead (probably originating in the psychiatry or mental health field) then coming up with ‘skits’ that played and/or fed on those respective fears–for example, if you have a fear of spiders, perhaps ‘they’ use that fear by making you believe that forces unseen, maybe neighbors you don’t particularly know are planning to unleash spiders into your home or maybe if you are hetereo, they introduce sudden ,out of nowhere ‘thoughts’ that you’ve never had before, that make you question your sexuality–and miraculously they KNOW exactly what aberrant thoughts you are having, right down to the last tawdry detail!; unbeknownst to me at the time, I had become a target of the sick, demented ‘prank’ that was at once all too real, that was acted out on a stage that only I was aware of and turned out to be some twisted homage to the twilight zone–unfortunately tho for those of us targeted, it’s not a tv show, comes with no commercial breaks, there is no ‘gotcha you’re on candid camera’ at the end of the day, it continues to this day and it isn’t some alternate reality but the clear and obvious manifestation of the sociopathic, demented minds that populate some of the highest levels of the United States government.

I want to give you specific instances of the type of mind games the government took the time to carefully cultivate; my reactions to them and I also want to close with what I believe (as a victim of voice to skull for over 9 months now–this was originally written in 2012, it is now 2015 and I am adding to my recollections, as my original blog was deleted.) is the scope and capabilities of the technology, as I have experienced it, and what it’s limitations and failings are (and there are many). If I can give insight into what probably is happening all over the world to people who haven’t a clue initially of what’s going on–then I’ve done more than was possible in my case.

NOTE: Voice to Skull, has been described as advanced US military grade technology purportedly utilizing the Frey Effect, that can, in lay men’s terms, ‘beam recognizable words & phrases into Targets’ brains; bypassing the ears.’ That’s the lie. 

Based on my over 5 years of continuously hearing this so called advanced technology, I can say unequivocally, at least in MY case; this shit can’t beam words directly into your skull. I have at different times in the 5+ years of being subjected to it daily, blocked it out partially or completely & distorted it, by alternately using ear plugs; using neo-dymium magnet ear rings; wearing headphones playing music or spoken word; pushing rolled up cotton into my ear and even stupidly using rolled up paper towel..(which I wouldn’t advise for obvious reasons)..of course out of desperation, I’m sure there are TIs who’ve tried worse. But what i found is that the ‘voices and chatter’ could be muffled, distorted, drowned out and they could also be completely blocked out at times. Now it was never a permanent block but it provided relief at the time that was much needed. Necessity is the mother of invention, right?

So 5+ years later, I STILL sleep with headphones on playing music. You do what you have to do. And now, I can say that i may hear the chatter less than 5 minutes out of a full 24 hour day (except on what I call laughingly the ‘first of the month’–which is when I believe that those who are actively ‘monitoring’ me remotely and reporting back to whatever criminal organization they work for, take your pick–CIA, NSA, FBI, M6, the Mossad..doesn’t matter which one, they are all criminals in my book–and have to ‘justify’ why they still should be provided what is, without a doubt, in my mind, at least—continued government funding..this used to happen like clockwork in the 1st week of the month, but I guess when they noticed that I noticed there was an uptick in activity on the same days each month, they changed it up..but it still happens. They just may break it up or try to be slick. But these are dull paper pushers. It doesn’t take much to figure it out. It just shows you that government bureaucracy exists even in insane asylums. Apparently.

But back to what I ‘hear’ today–again it usually amounts to a total of maybe 5 minutes out of a full 24 hour day and it’s usually 1 to 5 word oft-repeated phrases. Certainly, nothing like the 24 hour non stop assault that I had to deal with in the beginning. Now I believe this is simply the US government’s amateur attempt at artificial intelligence computer-to-brain-interface. It plays back oft-repeated phrases based on my thoughts and memory. And a simple change in the way I hold my tongue, for example, can block it out. So I said all of that to say: there is NO way that if this was capable of beaming words or phrases directly into a Target’s skull or brain, bypassing the ears and the cochlea; would I have been successful in blocking it or diminishing it’s effects in the years I’ve been exposed to it. No way. Probably more deliberate dis-info and lies from the people who make their living at doing just that.

Now on to what I experienced in the beginning as a Targeted Individual, honestly before I even knew the term or what it meant:

The first ruse that I was aware of that was used by the sick minds that use CoIntelpro/Mk-ULTRA on steroids, was by feeding me info via Voice to Ear that I was living in a half way house full of mentally disturbed individuals. Each ‘character’ was introduced to me via V2k, I never SAW most of the people whom I was led to believe I was hearing and responding the beginning, since I thought I was actually hearing people in the above apartment having conversation with me; I responded out loud as if I was speaking to someone in a loud, crowded environment and of course, at that time I had NO IDEA I was the only person who could hear these ‘voices’ & then later, I guess because I was talking too loud and my neighbors started rightfully complaining, this is when the fascists switched tactics & revealed to me that they could read my thoughts and from then on, I only ‘communicated’ with these unseen perps via thought. 

I will detail that in another post specifically how Voice to Ear was revealed to me and how I first came to realize that there is technology, that according to the info available, has been around for decades, at the very least.. this technology can read sub-vocalized thoughts..yes, sad to say these psychological cripples have access to something like this, but based on my experiences, it is true… most of the voices I heard were either other casually known tenants in the building (mostly the upstairs neighbor, LaSandra Rose); but some I had never actually seen in the building. As I write this I remember that there was only one missing family included in the V2k voices I would hear daily and it was a Jamaican family that lived on the 2nd floor. I wonder why? I’ve read that supposedly there is technology that can ‘clone’ voices’ but if that’s the case, are foreign voices harder to clone? Doubtful. What it says to me, is that more than likely they were the only ones in that building probably not paid to record their voices because I believe emphatically that everyone else whose voice I heard were paid dupes and shills. The reason I believe this? I have been living in the same apartment building in the last 5 years since V2k was 1st revealed in 2010 and not once have I heard any of the voices of current crop of tenants I am familiar with, used. Different city but if they were really cloning voices, they’ve had plenty of time to do that here; which says to me they more than likely paid people in LA. And I haven’t seen anything since that makes me think differently.

So the introduction of V2k out of no where, along with elaborate ‘street theatre’ or vignettes, as I like to call them, is how this government-sponsored non-stop harassment started for me. This was the beginning of the set up that sent me on a wild goose chase created by the government to then complain to others in the building (whom I believe were if not directly involved in this sick, twisted game, they were at least aware that I was a target and perhaps even aware that it had happened to others before)–after becoming aware of what I thought was monitoring by just this group of criminals night and day via hidden cameras, and what I initially thought was their apparent hacking of my computer and ability of them to see all of my activities inside my apartment, I started complaining of course, to pretty much anyone who would listen–fellow neighbors, friends, family, the local police, local media, national media, state and federal authorities, as well as various congress people—all with no response.

The voices then went to work on my insecurities/fears–making me think that b/c I couldn’t smell (every since army basic training and the ‘gas chamber’ exercise w/tear gas I haven’t been able to smell) obviously, not having had any intimate conversations with my landlord or anyone else in the building to have given out this info, all of the sudden the voices are feeding me scenarios where 2 women whom I had never seen before but proclaimed that they lived in the bldg in an upstairs apt–were apparently so sickened by the apparent smell that was coming from my apartment (that I of course couldn’t smell) that they wanted to move out of their apartment and break the lease, that is, of course unless my landlord, Jan, would somehow get me out of the building instead.

So day after day, this scenario got played out, with ever more tenants in the apt building complaining to jan about the supposed smell emanating from my apt. I would ‘hear’ this day after day, of course, until I really believed that there was a smell coming from my apt–this of course, was a lie–a ruse, there was no smell, this was created to play on what the mind reading/thought mining technology had come to conclude was a weakness of mine that could be exploited. there was even a recording of what sounded like a cop coming to my apartment, apparently to kick me out b/c of the smell complaints from other tenants–I would hear what sounded like him coming close to my door, yelling expletives about the imaginary smell and I’m assuming this ruse was created to hammer home my paranoia.

I’m assuming they were hoping I would take the bait and open the door–and honestly, I really don’t recall if I ever opened the door–maybe the 1st time I heard this, I assume that I probably would have–but of course there was no policeman there and it was simply computer generated sound created to make me think I was going crazy. Now think about the scenarios and ‘skits’ I have just described. Apparently there are a LOT of unemployed actors in LA who have been enlisted in the US govt’s sick schemes. All of these skits were pre-recorded and played back to me so that they sounded like they were in real time and happening live. Can you imagine the depraved, sick bastid at mostly likely the FBI who sits around all day on the american tax payer’s dime thinking of shit like this? This is YOUR government at work!! So very very comforting, isn’t it?

Another scenario that happened early on is once the v2k was turned on and before I realized that it could be heard outside of my apt–I went to a local drug store to pick up some meds for an infection, while there I overheard the voice of one of the tenants that I knew to live in my bldg. It sounded like she was following me around the store,well since I was new to this, I went up and down the aisles trying to find the person I thought the voice belonged to–all to no avail. Eventually, I ‘heard’ this person tell the clerk at the back of the store to please let her out of the side door so that she could leave b/c someone (me) was waiting at the front of the store and she had ‘beef’ with me. I approached the clerk and asked her if she had let someone out the side door and of course she looked at me like I had two heads. I then watched and waited at the front of the store for like 3o minutes, thinking I would catch her coming out and then when she failed to come thru the front I heard her say that one of the cars in the front parking lot was hers. I went and wrote down the license plate number, now in hindsight, after countless hours of research and over 9 months of continuous harassment with v2k, it’s apparent that that person was never inside the store, it was all done remotely via the implants in my ears and I’m assuming they were hoping I would damage that car in the parking lot or do something else that would make me again appear mentally unstable and possibly get me arrested or committed. Again, never happened.

Whomever has made plans for me must be really frustrated and upset b/c they continuously FAIL. Continuously. The problem they encountered and probably didn’t foresee was that I never ever ONCE questioned my sanity. Not once. Which tells you how effective this ‘vetting’ process must be for the mis-nomered ‘intel’ agencies. Granted I had some stressful and trying times prior to this whole creepy US govt experiment unfolding–homelessness in the US homeless capital, LA; with no family around and then followed by a sudden and ‘mysterious’ medical ailment (which in retrospect, I believe was also part of the ruse) …Again, with all of this going on, I STILL never bought into the ‘crazy’ meme. I knew instinctively, that I did not go from reasonable to insane and to an all of the sudden break with reality in one day. That wasn’t plausible to me then and it isn’t plausible to me now. I’ve been through worst and never broke down. And again, the voices that they were attempting to pass off as evidence of a mental breakdown sounded like white, male prosecutor’s, interrogating me–why would MY subconscious alter-ego be a damned  up tight, anal & arrogant, white boy? They didn’t even have the sense or courtesy to use a black woman’s voice. Arrogant and mentally ill. And employed by your ‘government’. What a combo. But I never believed for one second I had suffered a mental breakdown. It was just never believable to me. Then and certainly not now. And these idiots apparently were/are getting paid to fund this nonsense..

Apparently (and fortunately for me) a higher power is watching over and protecting me. From the beginning, I have been unwavering, consistent and resolute about what I was hearing and especially in the apt bldg in Hell-A (my nickname now for LA) The non-stop ‘chatter’  seemed absolutely as real as any other conversation that anyone would hear all day from people around them- though, i really couldn’t understand in the beginning how the conversations were so clear, since they were ostensibly coming from the apt upstairs; but I just came to accept (and was FED this info from the voices that sounded like the landlord, Janet L. Beumer) that the building, which is older, was just poorly made and then was encouraged (via again janet lauritsen beumer’s/john beumer/ derek j beumer’s voice) that the apt I lived in (apt 103) was somehow equipped with listening devices b/c it was supposedly used as a drug den or used for drug sales. I had no way of knowing that what was being told and fed to me was simply a ruse to keep me off kilter and confused about what was really going on.

Janet Beumer’s voice indicated various scenarios in the beginning: that she was a drug dealer, that she had ‘done this before’, that she was only doing this to me b/c she knew I would survive, that I was one of her best ‘students or pupils ‘ thus far, that I would have a religious awakening b/c of this situation, that she thought perhaps I was DEA or some other type of plant b/c I didn’t seem to be scared of the death threats by the various voices; she also had me believing that there was video footage posted on the internet of me in compromising sexual positions that she had posted; that she had been into my apt at various times and had slipped me drugs but that I seemed to be resistant to them b/c I hadn’t become hooked–total bs but at the time I thought it was plausible–didn’t know at the time about remote neural technology and that it can indeed remotely control internal organs which includes accelerating heart rates that so many TIs describe. (So when it first happened to me, I easily believed that maybe she had slipped me drugs and I just didn’t know it. I then fell into another trap laid and called an ambulance thinking I had been drugged and in my short stay in the ER, the V2k was in full force. Taunting the whole time. Again, I believe this too was an effort to make me think I was going crazy. Since I don’t know what goes on in the mind of the legitimately mentally ill, I can’t say for sure–but it just never rang true for me that voices emanating from my brain organically as a black woman, would sound like white middle-aged detectives. It did not compute. I have just never bought it and they obviously weren’t & aren’t convincing enough to make it believable to me. Then or now.

Janet Beumer’s ‘voice’ also indicated initially that she had bought the mind reading technology on the ‘black market’ and then changed it to ‘being given it by a friend who worked in defense contracting–as you can see this bitch is a full-fledged pathological, sociopathic liar (and obviously made for this type of job) and for the uninitiated and unaware it would have clearly been enough to make the average person question their sanity. But again, I’m apparently not the average b/c then as is the case now, tho this story probably sounds as far fetched and contrived as they come–I KNOW IT TO BE 1000% true as well as NOT in the slightest caused by any mental malaise–at least not on MY part! But you have to give them an A for effort b/c they certainly tried. Once I began complaining to friends and family, I had a couple friends who suggested that perhaps I needed to go speak to ‘someone’ can guess, who that ‘someone’ hindsight, I can’t blame them. Hell, if you are reading this and you are sane and not working for any of the criminally insane government agencies mentioned above–then you probably think this story is crazy too. To say the least. If I hadn’t of LIVED it; I’d concur. But again, instinctively, I knew there was nothing wrong with me and that what I was hearing was somehow being fed externally via technology. The FIRST day, I surmised this. I didn’t know the HOW, but I just knew.

But to calm my friend, I agreed to see a local head doctor who patiently listened to what I’ve relayed here and without missing a beat, wanted to prescribe ‘meds’. I politely thanked him and left and never filled that prescription. I knew that’s what I DIDN’T need. Psychotropics is what I believe they wanted me to get on so they could then say later on, that is the reason for the ‘chatter’. I wasn’t going it make it that easy though. (Side Note: I had taken prescribed psychotropics (namely Prozac) for about 6 months in 2008 before the V2k was introduced daily in 2010 and I will back track and tell that part of my story in another post. I will also discuss why I think the US government criminal elements funding this harassment want people like me to be summarily dismissed as schizos or paranoids—and because of that they MUST introduce psychotropics some where in the picture. Otherwise, the crackpot dismissal isn’t as effective.)

The next re-occurring scenario focused on sexuality and then attempts to make me believe out of nowhere I had pedophile tendencies and even the preposterous and sick accusation that I secretly wanted to have sex with my adult son. Yes, I know..sick, and more sick. All of this being fed to me. I couldn’t see who was doing the ‘speaking’. They were voices, mostly of white males again that were not recognizable to me. And they basically were ‘grilling’ me virtually. Think about how newscasters or tv personalities have ‘in ear’ mics that feed them info and instructions–but we, as the audience, cannot hear any of the conversations. That was my experience. Except ALL of the convo was negative, denigrating, bullying, violent, accusatory, threatening. And in the beginning, this was happening 24/7. I could not escape the chatter. I woke up hearing it and when I laid down at night to TRY to sleep, I still heard it.  As far as the preposterous claims of pedophilia or thoughts of incest went…they were just that. Preposterous and baseless.

But from what i have now learned about the very ‘standard protocol’ of Targeting; this seems to be the norm–accusations of pedophilia and other sexual perversions. I knew it didn’t apply to me, because as an over 40 adult, I KNOW damn well what floats my boat and children are not it and never have been, so I knew instinctively this had to be part of some sort of psy ops and this was even before going online and seeking out an explanation of what was happening to me.

So after this I believe the next phase of the mind screw was to have me believe that people were actually viewing me in my most intimate moments–in the shower and bathroom. I began to hear men and women making lewd and lascivious comments about my body whenever I went into the bathroom, they even went so far as to comment about the frequency and consistency of my bowel movements! Now you tell me what frickin’ schizophrenia symptoms that stems from! I’d like to meet a true schizpohrenic whose ‘special friends’ go to these lengths to denigrate & humiliate.

This is the US govt’s sick idea of the art of war, co-intelpro dirty tricks made completely REMOTE and possible by what I believe is nano implants of some kind that have been covertly placed in my body. this is why I am still being targeted 120 miles away with voice to skull and synthetic sound that includes amplified sounds, projected sounds that I can’t tell from which direction they originate, bamming, bumping, thumping sounds that are made to make me think my current neighbors are a mere continuation of the harassment that was manufactured in Los Angeles. This is why Janet Lauritsen Beumer/John Beumer/Derek J Beumer said early on: No matter where you go there will be crazy neighbors.

I’ve also ‘been hearing’ since I moved back to San Diego, that Jan and the whole crew were moving here also and have even implied they are already here–more bunk–those cowards wouldn’t come to chance a face to face encounter with me now, even if guaranteed protection. I guess that statement, like so many others, was meant to make me anxious and super paranoid. didn’t work. ever. I’ve never feared these cowards and that has never changed.

Early on I realized the tactics used were those used by bullies and elementary school aged ones at that. This whole operation smacks of amateurs: from the ineffective attempts to convince me the ever running looped recordings are ‘live’; that whatever govt agency that is feeding the lame excuse for ‘artificial intelligence’ into my ears needs to go back to the drawing board b/c it’s not fooling anyone–a live human doesn’t know the difference between an upstairs apt and a downstairs one? doesn’t know the difference between pizza and toast? (recently I was warming up some PIZZA & the recording which is presented as if it’s ‘live’ humans speaking, said “oh you burned your toast”, well I immediately started thinking you don’t know the difference between pizza and toast? Not ONCE was I corrected. So I’m to believe a reasonable human adult wouldn’t have KNOWN it was pizza and not toast and would have been that easily confused?!! THIS IS WHAT THE IMPOTENT, amateurish, buffonish United States government’s seriously woeful ATTEMPT at artificial intelligence comes up with to make ME think I’m crazy?!! Obviously there is some SERIOUS projection going on!!

If I really had schizophrenia , doesn’t it seem likely that I would still KNOW the difference between toast and pizza and that voices organically coming from my brain wouldn’t be fooled by me saying it was toast instead?!! This shit is NOT rocket science but apparently it’s too complex for the governments sad attempt at artificial intelligence. Artificial STUPIDITY if you ask me. Or maybe they are using the old, out-dated version of A.I. on me. But I doubt it. This probably IS the best they have to offer. What a sick, sick joke. If this is the best the US has to offer in the way of A.I., China will soon dust your ass.

I will give credit where it’s due, the initial entraining works well if the target is totally unaware of this technology (as I’m sure most Targeted Individuals are initially); it’s capabilities and the methods used by the government (with the caveat that again once the target has knowledge of what’s going on and that they are in fact being targeted by a computer–the ‘gig’ is up–it renders it impotent if the purpose is in fact to get the target to interact with the A.I. computer program)–once that window of opportunity is closed I cannot imagine that it would open again and have yet to see anything from this pogrom that would indicate it CAN be opened once closed. Try as they may; hasn’t happened in my case. Can’t see it happening with anyone who hasn’t descended into madness, which I personally think would be a small percentage of TIs. I have actually come to believe they chose us specifically because they surmised we would be able to survive and learn to navigate around this technology. In my opinion, they are looking to gather long-term ‘data research’. And the longer we survive as TIs, the more money they stand to make. Ultimately, in their mind, this is simply a business venture. No different than the American companies who financed Hitler’s slave labor camps. These kinds of sick ‘beings’ have always made money off of other’s misery. I don’t believe they know any other way.

The point I want to drive home is that based on my experience, this technology does not work as it’s widely described online–as a slow kill, mind control weapon. It may indeed slowly kill but so will eating Mickey D’s daily. And with all the death weapons at the US military’s disposal, I’m sure if they REALLY wanted to kill people like me; there are more efficient ways of doing so. But then again, we are talking about the US military who can’t even keep track of spending and are known for waste; so maybe they do see this as ‘efficient’? lol.. Bottom line: this doesn’t work long term. Not on the average mentally healthy, even barely functioning & intelligent adult. Now, does it work as an initial ‘interrogation’ tool to knock ‘enemies’ off-kilter and even perhaps push those teetering on the precipice of insanity over the edge? A definite yes, for the former based on my own personal experience & especially if unaware of the technology; and more than likely on the latter. And on children? Yes, I can see that easily. As a matter of fact, this sounds like it was MADE for children and I can see it being useful as a tool of trauma on a young, impressionable child, which seems to be an ongoing interest of elements of the US government, especially after reading about cases like The Franklin Scandal. I certainly wouldn’t put it past them. 

I believe that what I am experiencing is the culmination of life-long targeting and not something that began in 2010 when it was revealed to me–& so perhaps this is just another phase of the Nazi programming that runs it’s course and at middle age has to be ‘rebooted’ for those of us who have ‘awakened’ somehow & this is how they try to ‘scare’ us back into the Matrix? Who knows? lol..anything is possible. The hows and the whys are speculative; but I know whatever the source, it’s not internal nor naturally occurring. Nor do I believe this to be the Frankenstein/Nazi creation of the US alone. I wholly believe this is a joint venture, involving many global players who are also using this against their own citizens; including most ‘western’ nations. All you have to do is type in the term: Targeted Individuals and see how prevalent this phenomena is worldwide and how it has essentially become one of the greatest crimes against humanity, hiding in plain sight. 


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