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My Experience with Psychotropics & WhyThis Will Be Used To TRY to Dismiss My Claims…

Recent research has revealed that selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) such as Paxil and Prozac are only effective in treating patients with severe depression. These drugs are expensive and frequently prescribed to patients with all levels of depression, many of whom receive their health coverage through Medicaid or Medicare. If the research holds true, and pharmaceutical companies are knowingly marketing essentially ineffective drugs, a False Claims Act could be made in instances when government funds were used to pay for the medication.

SSRI Effectiveness

A study published in the Journal of American Medical Association found that using antidepressants in patients with mild to moderate depression was essentially no better than using a placebo pill. The research, which examined the results from six antidepressant trials that included mild and moderate cases of depression, revealed that the drugs were only effective in patients with very severe forms of the mental health disorder. Though often excluded from industry-sponsored trials, patients with mild depression are often the ones who seek out professional help, though it is unknown exactly how many patients on antidepressants have less severe forms of the disease. However, one study cited by researchers revealed that approximately 71% of patients looking to treat their depression had a milder form.

I wanted to use the above info to preface my experience with Prozac. While it was a short experience, only lasting about 6 months and was started for a very specific purpose (to secure housing while I was homeless); I understand this will still be seen as the CAUSE of my TI experience by some quarters; while they will conveniently probably discount the long & documented history of the US government engaging in this kind of covert & illegal experimenting on ‘citizens’.

Ok, so the back story: So this was around 2008 and I was homeless in LA, navigating the bureaucratic nightmare that is the homeless ‘hustle’ in LA. Keep in mind, that LA is the U.S.A. ‘Homeless Capitol’, having the largest population in the country, of men, women and children with no permanent, residential address. If as many who journey to the LA area for vacation to Disneyland; took an alternate route to downtown’s infamous ‘Skid Row’; I’m sure most of the images we unthinkingly associate with LA of endless beaches, beautiful people and palm trees would quickly dissipate. Forever. The first time I ventured into this area, driving..I was stricken with grief. Upon seeing whole families living in ‘tent cities’ scattered about the landscape, in a small area of city blocks that is just minutes from the more known & profiled financial, entertainment and garment districts in downtown LA; I literally cried when I first saw this. I could not believe then or now that in LA you have an almost offensive amount of opulence and wealth; yet at the same time,so much poverty and despair. Living side by side. Like alternate universes. And pretty much oblivious to one another. Actually let me take that back; the poor in LA are more than aware of that other more publicized world; but that world for the most part, seems to acts as if, the poor, the black and brown,are simply literal and figurative backdrops. Along with the palm trees.

When one thinks of LA/Hollywood, you may think of many things; but I’m sure the average person has no idea that rampant homelessness is such a ‘normal’ fact of life in LA. I’ve heard and read about many ordinary people and even some celebs who have dealt with what seems to be part of some kind of unspoken, weird rite of passage for so many new to LA–I remember reading comedian Steve Harvey’s account of living in his car for 2 or 3 YEARS when he first came to LA. I guess I should count my blessings then because out of my 2+ year homeless journey, I can honestly say, I only had to resort to sleeping in my car, maybe, 3 or 4 times max. And another odd aspect of this is that a LOT of officially ‘homeless’ people in LA, are employed! I definitely was for most of my homeless journey.

Of course, I certainly had no idea of the above when I first moved to LA in the fall of 2005; and maybe if I had known, I would have been more strategic and methodical in my planned moved. But then again, probably not. I don’t think the possibility of homelessness ever entered my mind. At that time or any. In all honesty, I came to California under the same circumstances. Let me tell you a lil something about me: I can be impetuous and spur of the moment. And for the most part, fearless. Back in February 1996,  I had driven alone in my used Ford Tempo, the 2,300+ miles, from Flint, Michigan, to San Diego; all of my worldly possessions (which wasn’t much) stuffed into my back seat and trunk; and braved the 3 days and 2 nights of travel with little more than $800 from a recent tax refund in my pocket.

I didn’t want to waste what little money I had, so I didn’t even bother staying at motels. I would just pull over in some well-lit place in random cities on my way and sleep. Yes, I am that type. And it worked. I never encountered any major problems on my road trip and ended up ‘relatively’ safely in San Diego at the end of February in 1996. I say relatively, because there was one memorable experience that I can only chalk up to some unseen guardian angel or entity watching over me.

I chose a route into San Diego that took me thru the mountains of East county and I just so happen to have chosen San Diego’s rainy ‘winter’ season, if you can call it that. When I finally reached the last leg of my journey into the city, traveling on East County’s Highway 8, it was late night and there was a torrential rain storm. Remember, I did say I was driving an older, used Ford Taurus. So while driving in this rain and trying to navigate the roads thru the mountainous terrain; my windshield wipers broke and I could no longer ‘see’ anything ahead of me. Keep in mind, this is at night and it’s raining cats & dogs–and add to that the horror of realizing that my car starting hydroplaning, meaning my tires were not touching the road. Yes, this really happened and this is why I KNOW I have someone/something watching over me. I felt like my car was being ‘carried’ through that rain storm and though it was still raining and raining hard; I was somehow able to drive through it and make it safely into San Diego. Do not ask me how, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

As I mentioned before, I didn’t know anybody in San Diego and frankly had chosen it because it seemed a world away from the dreary, dull and what I felt was a stifling, existence, I had led in Michigan. And it was warm. All year round. Really wasn’t a hard choice. And in retrospect, while I believe, LA, probably would have been my 1st choice; I probably was a little too intimidated to try it first. So I opted for the relatively ‘safer’, smaller military enclave of San Diego.

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Observations From 5+ Years Of Being A Target: What Can/Can’t This Stuff Do

—-Originally written in 2012—–

What I Believe This Technology CAN Do:
1. It can read minds–specifically sub-vocalized thoughts–the thoughts that you have that are ‘silently’ verbalized as when we as humans talk to ourselves. But that’s simply b/c of vibrations of the vocal chords in my opinion–tho you are not speaking out loud.
2. It can inject thoughts-random thoughts, thoughts that are antithetical to who you are and what you would normally say or do–I’ve had ridiculous thoughts imagining me licking the toilet or other gross acts I would NEVER normally think about and certainly wouldn’t attempt–All beginning AFTER this targeting experience. Never had these urges or thoughts before. Example: if you mean to think or say black, this technology can cause you think or say white instead. It’s usually just one word phrases or simple concepts and it has always been obvious what is happening. In my experience anyway. It’s irritating but since I always know what I meant to think or say; that’s about as effective as it gets. It cannot in my opinion, alter or change preferences, opinions or beliefs. For example, if I say,”I like black cars” instead of the intended “I like white cars”; if my preference is white cars; this technology is not going to CHANGE my preference. Again, it’s surface and an irritant, at best. 

But after having experienced this, now all of these bizarre tv shows depicting people with weird addictions and extreme hoarding disorders–make ABSOLUTE sense. I would bet money these poor people are targets of involuntary experimentation by the same entities and just don’t realize it. Can you imagine a government so depraved and warped that it would CREATE disorders and illnesses to then turn around to MARKET as entertainment to the american public? (I also believe emphatically the cult classic based on a ‘true story’, Amityville Horror is an example of the use of this technology.) Unbelievable. But after having this experience, I WOULD NOT PUT ANYTHING, and I DO MEAN ANYTHING PAST the US Govt.
3. It can block out visions,as in dreams and inject visuals or distortions into conscious thoughts.
4. It can amplify sound, project sound, clone sound, voices (though I haven’t noticed anything obvious), it can distort sound (understand this is in my opinion ONLY if you have implants)–I don’t believe this works with just the normal directed energy technology but only for those of us implanted. Let me clarify: I believe the sound effects & synthetic emotions or synthetic ‘moods’ that piggyback from externals like fans, motors, water & music are a by-product of the ‘frey effect’ and use electromagnetic pulsed waves–but VOICES-that can understood that sound like regular speaking voices–that capability, in my opinion–is strictly a RESULT OF COVERT IMPLANTS. My ongoing use of earplugs and magnets lets me know that if there is an obstruction in the ear, the ‘chatter’ can be blocked. Completely? No. Enough for the average person to be able to function? Yes.
5. It can control internal organs, manipulate internal organs, cause physical pain, headaches, sickness, bowel problems(diarrhea & constipation), it has been said b/c this technology is radiation-based it can cause long term illnesses that would be associated with cancer causing radiation exposure. It’s also been proposed b/c it can cause accelerated heart rates, it can also cause sudden heart attacks and even death. Not sure if that’s really possible or if that is just more government dis-information b/c I think if they could remotely kill my azz, I would have already been taken ago.
6. It can inject silent or subliminal messages into the brain. I have in the past awakened in the middle of the night to hear parts of subliminal messages.
7. It can be looped 24/7 days a week and can be ‘heard’ running in the background. It sounds to me as if I can hear something turning, reminding me of a computer room with computers or reels going. It can be sped up, the volume can be turned down and at times nothing is heard, especially when it seems that the ‘monitors’ want to hear what is being said, focus on what is being written by me (specifically if i’m reading it to myself) or someone I’m interacting with.
8. It appears this is a computer program for artificial intelligence. The recordings have been apparently stored on a program based on past culling of all of the targets past conversations with the perps who have been dispatched on the ground, these are the daily voices heard (in my case, Janet Lauritsen Beumer/John Beumer/Derek J Beumer)–all responses made by the A.I. computer program is based on the prior culling/mining of targets’ brain processes. It reacts to everything ‘thought’ and said by targets based on what it thinks it ‘knows’ and has been programmed to react/respond to. Anything new or out of the norm is usually not responded to or there is a pause as I’m assuming the computer ‘searches’ for the appropriate response. If there isn’t one, it chooses the closest appropriate response, which of course, is why you have situations like the one I described above with the erroneous response of “you burned your toast”.

What I believe keeps targets from realizing that they are interacting with a computer initially is that the government has the perps record responses from all initial interaction with the target onsite, then I believe all of those responses are saved to a computer program and later when the target thinks or responds to the topics on any of those saved conversations or saved data, the computer replays those pre-recorded responses until i believe the aim is that eventually artificial intelligence will kick in and it will learn and ultimately be able to mimic how the brain processes thoughts. I think as the 24 hour continuous ‘brain-computer interface’ goes on eventually the computer comes to interpret data from the brain b/c of data mining and culling and hence the hope is the end result will be a complete, documented mapping of the brain. So interaction between the a.i. computer and the target is paramount. I am happy that I have thwarted that process. Because NOBODY bothered to ask for my consent– I don’t give a fuck if they NEVER complete the research.

As a matter of fact, these sociopaths don’t deserve to have access to brain-mapping as it’s obvious they lack the morals and integrity to be trusted with this type of advanced knowledge. So it’s apparent that once a target like me discovers they are interacting with a computer, it sort of throws the whole program off but b/c of the lack of caliber (and mental stability) of people involved in conducting these experiments–you can understand why they won’t abort the mission or turn off the computer; they keep it going 24/7 in a desperate effort, in my opinion, to get the target to actually start back interacting with the computer. So the computer is constantly telling me that it’s not a computer, although I figured this out months ago, i’m assuming it’s programmed to get me to interact, apparently by any means necessary. Hasn’t worked and won’t work. Since I now know what the aim is and that I’m dealing with a computer, game over, as far as I’m concerned.

I have no inclination or incentive to interact or even listen. So at this point, I think it’s simply a matter of harassment and containment. I think another facet of this programming is the mapping & projecting of human emotions, based on the basic scientific principles of electromagnetic frequency–each emotion has a frequency–so they can capture the frequency of ‘anger’, then save that to a computer program and then these emotions can be projected onto other human beings. I’ve experienced being angry or sad or despondent suddenly and out of nowhere–the problem is— it FEELS artificial and inorganic. In other words, it doesn’t feel like it’s something emanating from you or natural–so it’s readily identifiable and not effective. But I believe the aim is ultimately ‘mind control’, mood management and/or behavior modification. If they can project a specific particular emotion onto any human being–can they create robotons or people who would do their bidding but who would be totally unaware b/c of the remote nature of the technology? In my personal experience, this doesn’t work. As i said, it FEELS artificial and inorganic. Every time it has been attempted on me I’ve ALWAYS immediately recognized it. Fail.
9. It can cause the sensation of “nudging”. I’ve seen it also referred to as ‘rocking the baby’. It’s now used on me in the place of synthetic bamming and stomping for the most part ( i’m guessing since I always have in-ear headphones on)–the sensation feels like someone is physically nudging or lightly pushing me; it also translates into the sensation that someone is stomping but it feels like it originates inside my body if that can be understood. So I would venture this is based on the stimulation of nerves or neurology of some sort.

What I Believe This Technology CANNOT Do:
1. It cannot, after the initial entrainment, from my experience, ALTER or have you believe something that is totally opposite of what you would normally believe. In effect, it is NOT effective at mind control if that is assumed to be one of it’s aims. Even the synthetic thought implants appear to be temporary and not long term. It has not over the past 9 months altered, changed or modified ANY basic beliefs, thoughts or ideas that I held BEFORE this all started. If anything it has simply re-affirmed and proven true everything that it has sought to denigrate and change. In effect, because of what I believe is the nature and tone of the computer program–totally negative, denigrating and operating in effect as a occupying virus inside a target’s consciousness–the human mind–views it as such–a virus–and i’m sure intuitively ‘realizing’ that it is not supposed to be there–does everything in it’s power to thwart, escape, reject and elude.

I’m not an expert in how the human brain works and certainly don’t propose to be, but I propose just based on my own recent experiences, that the human mind seeks equilibrium and optimal health first and foremost, so when something like this is ‘artificially’ introduced, the mind recognizes it as an outside attack and subsequently seeks to maintain or return to that state of equilibrium. I’m saying that from the perspective of someone who doesn’t have organic mental illness, I know there are those who suffer from it, whether it’s biochemical or from some other type of damage–but for the average brain with no significant maladies or defects, I believe the human brain automatically seeks to right it’s environment. So at the end of the day, at least in my experience, even with 24 hour daily assault with v2k, I can ignore it, thwart it and get around it and ultimately I believe that proves that this sick, twisted attempt at remote mk-ultra-like mind control tactics is a monumental FAILURE.
2. It cannot make you do anything you don’t want to. Again, this is based on my experience. Once I realized what was going on; I simply stopped interacting and believing anything relayed by the ‘chatter’. Currently, I’m cajoled day and night to talk to ‘the voices’, to do something that would be opposite of the norm, and I have NEVER done any of these things. Even when the a.i. tries to be slick and tells me to do something and probably expects me to do it or say just the opposite just b/c I’m resistant to anything it says–I still do what I want to do and ultimately what I have deduced is best for me. Again, FAILURE.
3.It cannot, speaking strictly from my experiences–I repeat, it cannot beam voices into anyone’s brain bypassing the ears. Sounds? Bamming, stomping, mooing, non-descript sounds, loud crashes, simple SOUNDS? Perhaps. Discernible HUMAN VOICES? NOPE. I simply do not believe this. I believe the ONLY people who are experiencing voice to skull technology harassment are those who have been COVERTLY IMPLANTED. Anyone else would not have these same experiences. (tho I do believe directed energy weapons can cause sickness, illness, headaches, and the oft-mentioned ‘clicking noises’ or the frey effect; but i don’t believe that those targets who have not been implanted would be able to hear ‘discernible words or phrases’).

My proof? It’s simple and I’ve said it time and time again. If directed energy weapons or D.E.W. was responsible for my v2k–why would obstructions in the EAR muffle, or even something as simple as me changing the way I hold my tongue—reduce, diminish or EFFECT the sound and/or quality of the voices? If DEW works as it is claimed–it should be able to CIRCUMVENT these attempts on my part to block it out and STILL be able to beam words DIRECTLY into my BRAIN, bypassing my ears completely. From my very real and personal experience, it CANNOT DO THIS. Voice to EAR is the result of Implants. For me, there is no other explanation. Or at the VERY least, Voice to EAR, is the result of covert external sources used to transmit the V2k. Boom. End of debate. For me at least.
4. It cannot MAKE us in and of itself paranoid. Only WE can allow it to manifest it’s negative, constant comments and attempts INTO paranoia. Yes, there are obviously people who are on the other end of the technology who are without morals, conscience or remorse. They are unseen by targets but WE know they are there as these technology keeps working day in and day out. Someone is aware that it is operating and someone is checking the success or lack of success of it. Don’t be fooled. Either daily or weekly. I’d venture daily. I know if there is a day that I say or think how many hours of the day or the percentage of the day that I’m able to ignore or block out ‘the voices’, best believe the next day, there will be a ‘ramping up’ of said voices. Now it’s possible that could be a built in part of the program, but at this point I think it’s an actual person. I’ve heard new voices that I haven’t previously heard on these occasions so again, I believe there are monitors or analysts who check on the ‘progress’ of the program.

But at the end of the day, only targets buying into the paranoia make the program more successful. I’ve read so many targets’ accounts of their experience who actually seem to believe that people in a new town are poisoning them or that all of their neighbors are involved when really I believe it’s nothing more than the power of suggestion. And maybe that’s the difference–I do everything in my power to keep from hearing the v2k so that may be why it hasn’t been effective. I can’t speak for other targets but I can’t understand why anyone in this situation wouldn’t at a very minimum use earplugs. They want us to believe that their powers are greater than they actually are. There are conspirators to be sure but more than likely they are the usual suspects–the cops or some other so-called law enforcement agencies and not ordinary citizens–when I say ‘ordinary’ I mean those who are honest with integrity. There are always those who would DO anything for money and it would seem as if the govt of the US has a special affirmative action outreach program for those types. Funny how a law-abiding, honest citizen probably couldn’t get a callback from these rogue agencies BUT low-life criminals? It’s apparent the FBI & CIA have been using them for decades to do it’s dirty work. Nothing new there. Nice to know they’re at least consistent. Consistently amoral, depraved, criminal and cuntly. But consistent nonetheless.
5. This technology CANNOT make you crazy or drive you to it. Again, the only people I believe would be susceptible to this type of harassment would be people who already have a history of serious mental issues, coupled with undue added stress and children. Most of this program seems to be aimed at children in my opinion. I’ve heard cooing, mooing and other ridiculous sounds that seem like they would be more appropriate for sound effects in a kid’s movie than serious attempts at putting fear in a sane, mentally healthy adult or even one that isn’t the picture of mental health.

Most times I’m left with just a disgust that these people really think this ridiculous crap is actually going to work. It’s irritating AT WORST and comical and pathetic AT IT’S ABSOLUTE BEST. and that’s being charitable. But of course, independent of that, NO government has the right to target it’s citizens with this type of intrusive, morally reprehensible harassment. And ANY government that would deign to engage in this type of criminality–is wholly ILLEGITIMATE AND DESERVES TO BE OVERTHROWN AND DEPOSED. THEY ARE NOT DESERVING OF THE PUBLIC TRUST AND CERTAINLY NOT DESERVING OF POSITIONS OF POWER AND THE RIGHT TO MAKE ANY DECISIONS AS TO THE WELL-BEING OF CITIZENS. THEY ARE SICK, DEPRAVED SOCIOPATHIC BASTARDS THAT NEED TO BE NOT JUST IN QUARANTINE AND LOCKED AWAY IN PRISON, BUT IF POSSIBLE PLACED UNDER THE PRISON!
6. This technology, based on what I’ve experienced, read and discovered since my targeting was revealed over 5 years ago–COULD not be activated initially and maintained non-stop w/o those entities who created it, or without any US military/Intel agencies’ express permission and consent. There is no way I believe anything else. This is the kind of technology that if used by so-called enemies of the state, real or manufactured-well, I don’t even need to go further. Based on what I’ve described as it’s capabilities, you can BET only those agencies, organizations, corporations, government agencies, contractors and proxies, working under either the direct or indirect supervision and with the express permission of the US government–is going to have access to this kind of advanced military grade technology. If some entity–private or governmental—has access to this technology, it’s only because the US military/Intel has given them as much. Believe what you want; but nothing else makes any sense. To me.

As I previously mentioned, one of it’s capabilities I believe is to be able to track you no matter where you go (Global GPS). It’s been operating, pretty much continuously, with few pauses for 5+ years 24/7 whether I’m inside or outside; whether it’s day or night; whether I’m in a moving vehicle, walking, standing, get the picture. It’s humming along, like a well-oiled ‘machine’…Another capability of the initial ‘targeting experience’ is the ‘virtual interrogation’ process that is indicative of some entity having taken the time to CREATE a psychological profile of me & then implement a psychological operations (as in, military Psy OPS) program that is also SPECIFIC to ME—be clear, this is NOT a one-size-fits-all pogrom; it is SPECIFIC and unique to the target. This pogrom homes in on whatever insecurities, fears, opinions, belief system, sexual orientation, dislikes, likes, etc.. that are unique to the target. What worked on me would not work on you and vice versa. What random, street criminal has the time, know-how & resources to implement something like that?

Can you imagine even the most well connected individual criminal coming into contact with mind reading technology on the black market, finding a target, taking the time to move into an apt or home close enough to target and aim this technology towards them day and night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week FOR MONTHS AND YEARS on end, even if the target moves out of the city, state and in some cases OUT OF THE COUNTRY?!! And this doesn’t even take into consideration that as a target as I go about my day, I HEAR the v2k NO MATTER where I go!

To me—that implies there is a receiver in my body that allows transmission of V2k, no matter what environment I’m in: bus, car, house, apartment, work, home, boat, canoe, alone or within a group. That would indicate satellites to me. (If satellites can beam cable into your home tv receiver non-stop, why would transmitting V2k be such a leap?). And at this time, let me note again: Both the late & former astronaut and congressman, John Glenn & former Ohio congressman, Dennis Kucinich, introduced legislation specifically BANNING this type of technology that could be used from satellites in space on unwitting citizens. Look up the info. It’s certainly out there. And tell me if that is ‘coincidence’? Of course, neither one was able to get the legislation passed as originally intended, but then, is that really surprising? I’m sure there are many, both in the private sector and public sector who are making GOBS of money off of probably ‘selling’ the rights to the highest bidder to experiment on TIs like me.

So..the other red flag for this crime against humanity, hiding in plain sight–is that this topic has been effectively ignored in the mainstream propaganda wing of the government, or as most know it–the news. TIs have been insofar, regulated to a joke punchline or to the outer periphery of polite societal topics;  our claims make even UFO abductees credible to some. ‘Tin Foil Hatter refrains have almost become de rigueur. And the very obvious question I have is why? Why is the thought of this so very preposterous when brought to people’s attention when the US Government has admittedly covertly & illegally been experimenting on US citizens through out MOST of it’s existence? So then, why are TIs made out to be ‘crazies and tin foil hat wearers’? Apparently, this is meant to shut down any credible or serious discussion about the POSSIBILITY that the US government is still up to it’s old tricks. And thus morally and FINANCIALLY liable. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. evil, right? lol..And really I’m being charitable because ‘Old tricks’ would imply that they EVER STOPPED engaging in this type of amoral illegality. In my estimation, it has been long past the time for Targeted Individuals to have our very own Frank Church Committee Hearings!

So in the course of this major crime, that has been described by TIs for AT LEAST 30 years now—NOBODY sees, tells or divulges what’s going on? No whistle blowers? No successful lawsuits mounted (even with medical/physical evidence established–look up Brian Wronge’s case) with all of these so-called TI organizations and groups? Do you REALLY believe that as many people who act as informants and snitches for the government everyday that if the average person had knowledge of this kind of technology they wouldn’t be bragging about it to every tom, dick & harry? In my eyes, it’s a case of the dog that didn’t bark. You’ve heard that one, right? Someone broke into a home and I believe it was Sherlock Holmes, who finally deduced it must have been the dog’s owner because the dog had no reaction. There are a lot of non-barking mutts all over the TI phenomena. THERE IS NOBODY BUT the federal government and those specific governmental agencies (or contractors thereof) who have a DOCUMENTED HISTORY of these types of covert, illegal pogroms (FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA, DoD,etc)–who would have the $$, the organized criminal network set up, the manpower, the time, the capability to thwart any local, state or federal investigations/legal remedies regarding the harassment, the TECHNOLOGY, and the global capabilities to track a target anywhere he/she goes–even in foreign countries—THE FINGERPRINTS of the US government are WRITTEN ALL OVER THIS harassment and targeting.

THIS IS Co-INTELPRO, MK-ULTRA, Non-consensual human experimentation and advanced military top secret ‘non-lethal’ weapons testing ALL ROLLED INTO 1! And even with all those resources at it’s disposal and the online organized campaign to dis-inform and confuse–there are STILL those of us who have been targeted who have in the past and will continue to in the future, tell our stories. And who thwart the technology. Daily. All of the time, energy and money funneled into insidious pogroms such as this, probably to the tune of TRILLIONS—-could, in a LEGIT DEMOCRACY be spent to HELP humanity. But you should know by now if you have read a good portion of this blog that there is ANYTHING but democracy residing in the US. Fact.
7. It cannot, in my opinion, kill targets.  Of course, the only beings who  definitively know whether what are commonly referred to as directed energy weapons ultimately cause fatal diseases & maladies in TIs subjected to them for years and even decades on end; are, for obvious reasons, not going to share that info with us.   Although I now wholeheartedly believe my targeting began at birth; I don’t have any tangible memories as an adult I can recall of being directly physically affected by what is more than likely covert military-grade technology until around 1999 when one day out of the blue— my leg’s, while walking down the street, suddenly wouldn’t move. I felt like I was paralyzed and I was walking like someone with cerebral palsy. I remember it vividly, because I was on my lunch break in downtown San Diego and it took me most of my one hour lunch break to struggle back to the office. I don’t know in hindsight how I did it, but I did. And it never happened again. Now I think it was directed energy weapons.  As far as it being a slow-kill pogrom, Hiram Girard, I believe has been complaining about his targeting for decades and he’s in his 80’s now; so if it is slow kill, doesn’t seem as if it’s killing anymore than anything else. I personally think that if a TI can get beyond the initial shock and trauma once the organized gang stalking and even the ‘chatter’ portion of the pogrom are introduced–then the rest is cake. You can pretty much deal with anything they throw at you.
8. It is NOT infallible. The voice to skull in my case has been thwarted at various times with in-ear headphones that drown out the voices, in ear cotton, rolled up paper towel that ACTUALLY muffled the voices (which is why i wholeheartedly believe this is nothing more than ear implants)-if this technology could entrain my brain or anyone elses for that matter and beam voices directly into it WITHOUT the use of implants or some type of receiver apparently in the ear area–why would anything obstructing the ear canal BLOCK or MUFFLE the voices? They should have been JUST as clear as before I put these obstructions in the ear if they were simply beamed in via d.e.w.? I believe that there is probably more than one set of implants in me, but this muffling of the sound lets me know that at least one set of implants is located in the left ear region. Another curious capability having to do with the ears which supports my theory–whatever is in my ear can actually physically move my inner ear to in effect ‘push out’ my headphones. This has happened on several occasions. Of course, it could just be the basic capability of the technology that also allows remote control of internal organs & that also can cause the rapid heartbeats that most TIs describe, but again, the muffling of voices is what makes me absolutely positive my ear implant theory is on the mark.
9. Another part and parcel of this harassment is the actual ‘stalking’ & harassment by feet on the ground. Some targets report neighbors, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, and even some family engage in harassment. In my case, the only obvious harassment I have witnessed is the local San Diego cops continuously cruising back and forth and their conspicuously showing up where ever I am, rolling in caravans basically. In my original blog,, which was suddenly deleted by Google in 2015, I had many posts that detailed my early stalkings and followings by the local SD police dept, that included license plates numbers because I have no problem with writing that info down. I name names and will continue to do so. Again, the modus operandi of the criminals in the employ of the state seems to be ignore people like me anyway; so why not? Utilizing ‘public employees’, seems to be the preferred method for government targeting operations, as I’ve had issues with the USPS since this all was ramped up in 2010. As far as the cops; it doesn’t work b/c I know they cannot arrest me for anything, as I’ve done nothing criminal or wrong. I’ve even seen a cop, just happen to roll up to the bus stop I was waiting at and just sit there. These type of bully/intimidation tactics are employed almost daily whenever I’m out and about. And there is no doubt they have been enlisted by the whomever is conducting this harassment.

Another tactic used, which is also connected to the local San Diego Police Dept, most likely under federal supervision–is the use of what are clearly black & white helicopters, hovering near my apt and in effect following me from my bus stop to the coffeehouse where I usually use the wi-fi to log onto my computer. This tactic was used recently for a good month but as of late, hasn’t been used as much. I’m assuming in all of these instances; the aim is to use local ‘law’ enforcement (or crime enforcement, as I like to rightfully call them) in a menacing way to scare or intimidate me. It does neither. While they are wasting time and tax payer money following me-there are REAL criminals at work. THEM. Since I have committed no crimes & pose no threat to national security and since they nor those at the federal level who are no doubt directing their activities, have even had the balls to DIRECTLY contact or approach me accusing me of such–then why would I be worried? We all know who is really committing crimes here. And the fact that they are acting covertly and in the shadows, indicates to me that even as a TI, I apparently STILL have the upper hand. Otherwise, why hide? A simple question and the US government’s attempts to hide and lie about the existence of pogroms like this, gives me the only answer I need. They may not be scared of me but they are undoubtedly scared of something.

Ultimately, I believe that the government is simply using TIs like me as involuntary ‘lab rats’ to test the efficacy of this technology. What better way to ‘test’ diabolical toys made with the tiny dick boy in mind who is eternally struggling with over compensation & projection issues, than to find ‘disposables’ like me? People, that in their psychologically crippled, racist and fascist minds, are expendable? Fortunately, I know I am neither–disposable or expendable. The great thing about black people, besides our history of spinning shit into gold; is that we are some of THE most resilient and mentally strong people on the planet. Until this targeting was revealed to me, I didn’t realize how much of a bad (as in good) mofo I really am. So I must thank the nazi sociopaths for that, if nothing else. But I will still seek justice and RECOMPENSE. For me, my existing affected family members, both here and those who have passed on, whom I believe were also Targeted Individuals unacknowledged. Again, I don’t believe I am the only TI in my family. Simply the only one it’s been revealed to.

Again, this isn’t a government as much as it is an ORGANIZED CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE. It is clear that the Targeting Phenomena is not isolated to the US. I believe this particular crime, to be just one of a myriad of global criminal joint efforts being carried out by many ‘governments’. This story, my story is being played out all over the world. Just type in any of these phrases and see for yourself: Directed Energy Weapons, Ultra-low frequency weapons (ULF), Extremely-low frequency weapons (ELF), Voice to Skull, which is alternately called the Voice of god; the Frey Effect, Psychotronics, Punitive Psychiatry, CIA’s Mk-ULTRA, Mind Control, Organized Gang Stalking, Remote Neural Monitoring, Synthetic Emotions, and of course, Targeted Individuals. There are others, just like me, being targeted and remotely harassed and monitored all over the globe. The particulars or the details of each Targets’ experiences may differ; but the basic protocols and tactics used seem to be the same across the board–as if those engaged in this are following STANDARD  OPERATING PROCEDURES. It has also been purported that the US has been sharing this technology with it’s allies and you will see MOST of the complaints about organized targeting are coming from industrialized nations.

The kicker for me of all of this is: NONE Of the tactics used has effectively worked to intimidate me nor will they EVER work. I don’t fear criminals, especially psychopathic, criminally insane ones. I know I’m on the righteous side of this fight and I KNOW I, along with all of the other targets, WILL WIN. For the government to actually believe any of this: the v2k, the stalking, monitoring, the co-intelpro elements, the non consensual experimentation, the stalking by local gestapo–NONE of this will work or deter or change or stop me from seeking justice against these monsters. Not ONE iota. And none of this will keep the wrath of karma from raining down on your demonic heads. Why these morons seriously believe that in the history of humanity they will succeed at getting away with crimes against humanity that others have tried to get away with–is beyond me. While they publicly, hypocritically applaud the bombing of Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Syria b/c of the supposed human rights abuses of murdered leaders like Gaddafi–they ARE COVERTLY, behind the scenes, COMMITTING ATROCITIES A ZILLION TIMES WORST THAN ANYTHING PREVIOUSLY SEEN IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND.

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Jonestown, right in Mid-town Los Angeles, who wudda thought?

The shelter sits on the corner of Hoover St. and Adams Ave in South Los Angeles, right down the street from the UCLA campus. Housed in a 2 story old house that was at that time run by the Catholic Diocese of LA. The daily administration was run by a purported former crackhead (from what other women in the shelter whispered), a black mid-40’s appearing, rail-thin woman, Marilyn Ross. An arrogant, conniving & manipulative female version of what I imagine the Reverend Jim Jones was like at the end of the failed, maniacal CIA-funded pogrom that was Jonestown. Oh you didn’t know? Yes, the Guyana experiment was JUST that. A failed experiment and now being revealed as being funded by US tax dollars. Now where does that sound familiar? um, yeah. lol..ok, so this woman was part sophisticated educator (she said she had a doctorate.don’t know if it’s true, but that’s what she said and referred to herself as Dr. Ross)..and part street hustler. She could pretend to be charming. But it was never QUITE convincing. She always gave me the creeps and my spidy senses went off when I first met & spoke to her in her office at the house/shelter. Or maybe it was the shelter itself.

The house was old and falling apart. The plumbing was bad and always stopping up. As I recall, there were about 5 or 6 partitioned bedrooms that generally housed anywhere from 4 to 5 women each in single twin beds. Of course, the shelter received federal funding for each woman they provided housing to; and Dr. Ross also required that if we were not already receiving food stamps that we sign up for them soon after entering the shelter. And once we became ‘residents’ she requested that we relinquish any EBT/Food Stamp cards to she and her minions, um, assistants at the first of each month. This, amongst many things, didn’t sit well with me. This requirement meant that we also had to give our pin numbers, which according to the card (and I actually read it)..violated federal law. But beyond that, I just didn’t think we should have to give our food stamps to her. Maybe if we volunteered, I could see it. But I didn’t like the mandatory part. I personally never even ate in the shelter dining area. I don’t even think I ever even peeked in there. I bought my own food at the grocery store down the street and prepared it; so I definitely didn’t feel she had the right to ask me provide food for a dining room I never ate in. Again, the shelter was already receiving funding for each resident so my spidy senses went off. It was also said that while the food in the dining area reflected the fine cuisine you’d expect in a dump like that; purportedly, she and her adult children, who were frequent visitors to the shelter since Ross lived in 1st floor living quarters; were using the resident’s EBT cards for their own personal use. I have no way of corroborating that. But it was said on more than one occasion by different women. We received the use of one wall locker type storage unit for our belongings and that was it. Tight quarters, to be sure; but it was decidedly better than sleeping on the streets of LA. Or so I thought at the time.

Quite a few of the women were obviously on psychotropic meds and always looked spaced out and out of it. Most of us were I would guess in the 35-50+ age range. Most were also black and latino. There was a general gloom that hung in the air and I don’t think it was solely because the place was decked out in early 70’s Sanford & Son decor. Think an Iron Curtain era Russian orphanage. Yup. That’s about right. Spooky. And Ross was even creepier. And a bit of a power freak. She would summon all of the women down to what was the tv room where most women would congregate in the evenings and chat and watch tv and movies. I wasn’t in the shelter but maybe a month or so and never really socialized down in the room but on the days that Ross would demand we come to what were termed mandatory ‘meetings’, as a resident, i really didn’t have a choice.

Now let me describe these so called ‘meetings’—let her tell it, these were supposed to be meaningful chats and info sessions meant to afford us the opportunity to get acquainted with each other and for us to bring up any important issues in the shelter we were having. Again, let her tell it, that’s what they were. Now from MY perspective, they were something else totally. First of all, they always happened in the early am hours, say, 2, 3 or 4am, unGODly hours..we were basically, forced out of deep sleep and forced to come and sit while this woman then droned on for what was usually, I kid you not–2, 3 & 4 hours. Talking about nothing. I guess this bitch fancied herself doling out profound life ancedotes and advice…but the kicker is that we couldn’t leave and there was no give and take. We literally were a captive audience. Now at the time that I stayed at this shelter, I just didn’t like her. Didn’t have anything to do with her purported past drug addiction; there was just something about her, that seemed ‘shady’ to me so I was always guarded with her. Suffice it to say, I hated these mandatory ‘fireside’ chats but did not realize til waay after, in fact, years later, once my auditory harassment began in 2010 and I started researching online–that the tactics that this woman employed: forced awakenings and hours-long speeches that capitalize on ‘sleep deprivation’..because we were in fact, sleep deprived by having our sleep interrupted like that regularly.., I realized then that this is STANDARD practice in cults for brainwashing and programming. Did I mention again that this shelter was RUN by the Catholic Diocese of LA?

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Curious ‘Coincidences’..or Orchestrated Red Flags?

There was a US Customs Lawsuit brought by black women who alleged that they had been racially profiled & wrongly searched and harassed by US Customs in various US airports while traveling to and from the Caribbean. I was definitely one of these women. I traveled to the small island of Dominica, to meet up with my son and his grandparents in 1993 and like these other black women, I was detained by US customs at the Newark International Airport, interrogated in a room as if I was a criminal and then followed and watched by walkie-talkie carrying men, while I waited for the shuttle to take me to Irvington, NJ, where I was going to visit a cousin of mine. I was livid and complained to anyone and everyone for weeks about that. But at the time, the possibility of suing, never crossed my mind. In retrospect, if I had of been presented with the opportunity to join the lawsuit, I certainly would have.

For those whom don’t know the backstory: The US customs preceded TSA & were responsible for examining and searching passenger luggage at US airports. A group of black women brought a lawsuit against them for what they saw, rightfully so, as illegal targeting and racial profiling of disproportionately black women, simply because they were black and it was ‘assumed’ they were being used as drug mules or runners. I haven’t looked at the specifics of the case (and after searching online for more info, I came up empty-handed); only that I saw some of these women on Oprah, I believe, and was dumbstruck because I was thinking I should have been a party to that lawsuit but had heard nothing about it til of course, after it was over. Again, curiously, another lawsuit for legitimate grievances that I should have been a party to that I missed out on. And the funny thing is my mom and I have always been up on current news and reading the the newspaper, yet, this lawsuit, totally escaped our attention.

Curious, isn’t it? Or is it? I will tell you that after having all of this revealed to me, I no longer believe in coincidences. Not even slightly. Repeating patterns are in my opinion, the universe or someone in it, trying to get your attention—to start paying attention. Especially since this wasn’t the only lawsuit that I should & could have been a party to–there was also a Norplant lawsuit, that i also curiously missed out on. I was implanted with the birth control device which was implanted at a Planned Parenthood clinic while I lived and went to school in Saginaw, Michigan. Again, I didn’t hear about a suit being brought by a group of other women who had been implanted with Norplant, til years after the suit was over. Online. So since I don’t believe ‘coincidences’, I’m sure there are more. Is the the US government trying to tell me something? Can I expect them to quietly settle with other Targeted Individuals and I find that out years later too? I don’t think so. At some point, I expect to file a lawsuit on my own. I won’t wait for a class action lawsuit. But maybe that’s the lesson to be learned.

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What Victims of Psychotronics Surveillance & Abuse Experience

Sunday, December 26, 2010
What Victims of Psychotronic Surveillance & Abuse Experience
NOTE: I found this online here and thought it captured precisely the types of experiences I have either dealt with or am presently dealing with since being targeted for gang stalking in October 2010:

What Victims of Psychotronic Surveillance & Abuse Experience

Until recently, there were few, if any, credible public accounts of what victims of psychotronic abuse and organized gang-stalking (for purposes of harassment) experience. However, recently, Pulitzer Prize winning author Gloria Naylor (Oprah book club author of “The Women of Brewster’s Place”) released her account of her own harassment and surveillance in the book “1996”.(12) Although Naylor labels the book “fiction” because of certain assumptions which must be made due to the classified nature of the technology involved, it is an accurate depiction of the torture and suffering imposed upon Targeted Individuals.

MY EXPERIENCE: I just recently read Gloria Naylor’s account of her gang stalking and it SO resonated with me!! There is comfort in knowing that this woman was brave enough to chronicle her experience–having to know full well the effect it probably would have on her reputation and standing in the literary community. I applaud Ms. Naylor and I hope more of us come out and tell our stories. It’s the only way I think this insidious gov’t sponsored operation will be brought to light and ultimately I have faith–to justice.
Not all targeted individuals experience the same things, but there are many consistent features to their harassment. The following is a typical progression of events that lead the victim to the conclusion that they are, in fact being targeted: surveilled and harassed.

1) Acts of “street theater” – usually consisting of “acts” carried out to induce paranoia, and the feeling that you are being watched. This can be done by doing things which, unto themselves, seem like random occurrences or accidents, but, when seen objectively on the whole, a pattern presents itself. It could come in the form of being followed by other vehicles whenever you leave the house. Mail tampering. Email tampering. Apparent illegal entry of the home. People making remarks to you in public that are relevant to remarks you’ve made in private. All of these things seem like harmless, random events until you realize there actually is a pattern to the events. When the victim complains to authorities or even loved ones, they are viewed as paranoid, mentally ill and delusional… as the dialectic of their harassment intended.

MY EXPERIENCE: My street theater (or as I used to call them “skits or vignettes”) were more along the lines of exaggerated examples of the voices (Keep in mind, I never SAW these people. Only heard them via the Voice to Ear being fed to me 24/7) of a casually known or unknown perp acting as if they were just discovering what was happening to me; seemingly admonishing the other perps that they were wrong and that they were going to the authorities. Of course, after reeling me into this engrossing skit that was virtually performed solely for my benefit–it would become clear (usually after hearing the perps erupt into guffaws or fits of laughter) that the calvary was in fact NOT coming and seemed to point to the perp’s desire to drive home that I was alone in my dilemma and that there would be no help. These skits or morality plays happened early on and after being duped 2 or 3 times, I got the point and realized what the perps were trying to do so I stopped believing ANYTHING they said. I will also add to this the current & ongoing following or stalking by the local San Diego police department. Whenever I go outside to walk or to work, there is at the very least a cop cruiser that ‘coincidentally’ shows up to pass me, to sit outside where I work, of course, making sure that I notice them–just watching for at least 15 to 20 minutes in the same California Highway Patrol SUV that has followed me since I came back to SD in 2011; and as per my usual, I write down the license plate number (for example, a recent incident where an ‘officer’ by the name of Enrique Melgar (badge# 17667) & his partner , last name, May, (badge# 17671) would repeatedly (pretty much daily) show up to my place of work and just sit there. I believe they are on the Fed’s payroll and probably are being paid ‘kickbacks’ or extra duty pay for this ‘stalking and harassment’. As you can see, I will name names. If you are up to no good; you don’t deserve cover or any respect from me. You are a criminal in the employ of the state and will be treated as such. Always. So now and for the past 5+ years, whenever I’m walking (which also lends credence to my belief that my implant also acts as a GPS tracking system); there are cop cruisers following me or there is what i call the ‘phantom’ black & white helicopter flying nearby. It never fails and this has ONLY been happening since moving back to San Diego in 2011. Why I call the helicopters ‘phantom’ is b/c on many occasions, I’ve taken my phone with me and tried to photograph these helicopters, only to view the captured pics later to discover that the helicopters NEVER show up. At first I thought it was an error on my part. Maybe I wasn’t focusing the camera correctly; seeing as I’m not a professional photog. But what I did on at least 3 occasions, is shoot pics of regular airplanes flying in the sky at about the same time as my seeing the phantom helicopters hovering about–and without exception.. what I found is that the airplanes showed up, no matter how tiny, they could visibly be seen in the photos but NOT ONCE was I EVER able to capture a photo of the helicopters. It was literally like they had disappeared into thin air…So either these were holograms (and based on the Tupac & Michael Jackson holograms, it’s obvious the technology is out here)..OR there is cloaking technology that the military possesses that they are testing out on Targets. Don’t know which is true but I certainly didn’t imagine them. 

These tactics represent the same patterns as experienced by those subjected to government harassment and surveillance under Federal CoIntelPro(13) programs designed to infiltrate and disrupt dissenters.

2) Noise – Imagine living at the end of a dead end street where no traffic exists. And, suddenly, at all hours of the day and night, there is traffic turning around, racing their engines, honking their horns, flashing their headlights, playing stereos loudly… It keeps you awake all night, makes you worry, rattles your nerves and… imagine complaining to the police about the noise and traffic patterns on a public street. Again, the targeted individual is labeled as paranoid. Yet, the noise harassment continues. Imagine the response to additional reports that helicopters are hovering overhead at strange hours for no reason at all.

MY EXPERIENCE: Since the beginning of this experience (at least at the point where I became aware that something was amiss) I started noticing that the upstairs neighbor (hence the name of my blog) or someone living with them, was basically stalking me from room-to-room from the above apartment, along with loud stomping, bamming on walls, and since then, the noise has pretty much consisted of those trigger noises. I believe the upstairs tenant is also a perp (who i believe is at the very least mentally disturbed) and they are also using a developmentally disabled person who may live with her. Of course, it’s speculation as to who is making most of the deliberate noise–all I know is that the noise is deliberate and consistent.

3) Alienation and isolation – As already stated, reporting these strange events/patterns causes people to question your sanity. The more you try to point out the patterns, the more you are discredited. Police put you on their “crazy” list. Politicians won’t even bother to answer your requests for assistance. Little by little, friends families and authorities who used to hold you in high regard dismiss you as mentally ill.

Because of this, the harassment is stepped up, as the perpetrators understand that they can do whatever they want to do to you because no one will believe you, AND, if you continue to try to speak out about what is going on, the more likely it is that you will end up being hospitalized (completely discredited) for observation as a delusional paranoid schizophrenic.

According to the NSA, Russell Tice is paranoid, although psychiatrists not associated with the NSA report that Tice is in perfect mental health.

MY EXPERIENCE: Of course, my situation is similar and seems to be along the same pattern as described by others. Family and friends, whom like me before this happened to me, are unfamiliar and dis-believing when it comes to gang stalking and pretty much think i’ve flipped my wig. Can’t blame them. But I’ve NEVER once questioned my sanity. I KNOW what i’m hearing/experiencing and my instincts have been buttressed by reading all of the online accounts of fellow targeted individuals–people whom I’VE NEVER MET YET THEY DESCRIBE TO A “T” THE EXACT SAME SCENARIOS I’VE BEEN EXPERIENCING. Obviously, there is something going on and I see us as the equivalent to the involuntary victims of any covert gov’t sponsored testing/experimentation that has gone on, including the Tuskegee Institute Experiments and all the way to the most extreme and egregious example of this: Nagasaki & Hiroshima.

4) Sleep Deprivation – It is currently estimated that 40% of the U.S. population is sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation is a typical first step in mind control operations – in order to soften up the target. Sleep deprivation is accomplished by means of noise, as expressed above, or by electronic means. The use of tranquilizers or other “hypnotic” drugs to sleep or reduce anxiety make people more susceptible to the effects of electronic “silent sound”. So, while takers of Ambien and other drugs sleep, the subliminal effects of their harassment are more profound.

MY EXPERIENCE: Pretty much the same as described above. Usually there is an effort to keep me awake by using voice to skull discussions from the perps especially when I’m scheduled to go somewhere the next day or engage in some activity that the perps are trying to thwart or delay.
When accomplished electronically, people report these “symptoms”, which are generated utilizing microwave and other voice to skull technologies:

A) Hearing unusual buzzing, popping or clicking noises (the same kind microwave technicians report when working on microwave transmitters and antennas) which seem to come from nowhere

MY EXPERIENCE: As of late, I do hear a loud buzzing in my ear, even being loud enough the other day as to mimic “a cooking sound”–my perps even indicated that i was cooking from the inside out.

B) A sudden but persistent degeneration of sight

MY EXPERIENCE: Well, I have had more problems with small print but that could be independent of this or it could be b/c of it.

C) Headaches, a “tingly, static-like feeling” on the head, to the point of making it feel “numb”, like an arm or hand or foot falling asleep – only it’s your skull

MY EXPERIENCE: Yes, definitely have experienced this, particularly the “numb” feeling at the base of my skull. Have resorted to trying to use shielding products but who knows whether they really work or whether they provide more of a psycho-somatic relief.

D) Sudden or persistent nausea or feeling of unbalance. It sometimes seems like “chronic fatigue”
MY EXPERIENCE: I have experienced the sudden nausea and definitely feel the sense of unbalance or being chronicly tired or drained.

E) Hearing voices, or having thoughts about things that you have never thought about before (most often times perverse things that you would never have thought about). Some are the result of subliminal thought injection designed to cause you to recall memories that are “read” by synthetic telepathy. Some are the result of direct conversations with victims by remote operators using voice to skull.

MY EXPERIENCE: Yes, altho i’ve read varying degrees of which this is applied to targets. For me, for whatever reason, this happened within the first 2 weeks of my 24 hour surveillance. It seems like just from point of view, i’ve gotten the “buffet or samplers” treatment. Or maybe whomever is targeting me is using me for training purposes I don’t know. But I’ve experienced pretty much the full spectrum in just a little over 2 months. I should feel honored, I guess. NOT.
G) Unexplained arrhythmia and palpitations of the heart. When tested, the heart is completely normal with no signs of dysfunction or disease

MY EXPERIENCE: Yes, I’ve experienced this, which i believe is a result of the remote neural monitoring or some other device that is used to remotely regulate any part of the targeted individuals bodily functions, including genital stimulation, directed pain manipulation, etc.

Other “SYMPTOMS” of electronic attacks can be found here (14)
Read more: THE MISUSE OF MICROWAVE WEAPONS BY CRIMINALS AND TERRORISTS by Dr. Reinhard Munzert, Germany, Erlangen Sudden mood swings accompanied by some or all of the symptoms above (thankfully for me, so far at least, my moods are pretty stable)

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MIND OVER MATTER (Don’t Believe The Hype)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010
Mind Over Matter (Don’t Believe The Hype)
From what I’ve experienced from almost 2 months of constant 24 hr surveillance, along with the numerous mind games, lies, distortions, deliberate instances of dis-information, wild goose chases, and lastly, but certainly the most important as well as most invasive, intrusive and decidedly enraging–the involuntary,uninvited scrutiny of every thought that crosses my mind; along with some thoughts that clearly are not mine. For some reason, whomever has decided to play this sadistic game of mind control/psychological operations (psy ops), apparently doesn’t allow for the fact that most people can discern between “normal” thoughts that they may or may not have and those that seem totally aberrant and out of the ordinary. The latter are always totally apparent and glaringly obvious. Obviously, there’s no subtlety button on that mind-reading device. What i’ve come to realize is what I read on another t.i. site that gives some really good advice on how to mentally try to handle this all out assault on not only our bodies, minds, but in most instances, our souls.
Here’s few of mine. Just observations, opinions based on what I’ve dealt with so far.
1. “Their” stated powers are greatly over-stated and/or exaggerated.
a. There are some things that can be attributed to them: the constant surveillance which is proven by the chatter/comments made about my every move/action. So yes, listening to my cellphone calls, viewing what websites I visit, watching what I’m doing inside/outside my apt are givens and I’ve learned to roll with that. But what I won’t give over to “them” is the ability to affect how other entities will or will not react. For instance, my landlord has filed an eviction notice against me (after having been a model tenant and never having been late on my rent AND after having already given a 30 day notice on 1st of the month) for purportedly being a “public nuisance”. Now what Satan is saying is that I have become a nuisance to the apt bldg b/c I’ve exercised my constitutional rights and made what I believe to be legitimate complaints against both she and my upstairs neighbor. Of course, it’s my opinion that the attempt at eviction(when I planned on moving anyway) is retaliatory action on her part. So while I should be able to move in peace now I’m forced to have to deal with a distraction that has cost money and time unnecessarily. But isn’t that one of the tactics of gang stalking? While this is an obvious attempt at making me look bad; ultimately, I believe, it will back-fire. I will not give this situation anymore power than it deserves, nor will i ever concede that it or satan, by default, has the best of me. (btw, satan is the name i’ve given my landlord, Janet Lauritsen Beumer, who has indicated she is married to John Beumer III, a professor of Dentistry at UCLA & has a son Derek J Beumer, who is a film producer–the nickname is very well deserved i might add too)

2. It’s all about perception. When it comes down to it, the only power the perps own is the power I CHOOSE to give to them. My innate, God-given powers can never be taken away; only given away. As long as I can mentally fight and realize that this is a mind game and the ultimate goal is to get me to cede defeat, then I win.

3. My family and friends ARE NOT the enemy. This bears repeating. My family and friends are NOT the enemy. The perps/gang stalkers are the enemy and I’d do well to always remember that fact. Tho family and friends may be dismayed, frightened, angered by what I’m stating to be my experience, they are, after all, just human. They have never been thru this type of experience so i can’t reasonably expect them to understand nor empathize with my situation. I need to take a step back and breathe if when approached with info that they are not equipped, prepared to deal with or process–they reject it out of hand. Even if it’s in anger or disgust. It’s not an attack on me; and shouldn’t be taken as such. Again, one of the aims of gang stalking is to isolate and distance targets from family/friends, so why make their job easier?

4. Every wrong thing that happens in my day-to-day existence is not part of some vast conspiracy. Yes, some things can and should be attributable to this very strange situation. But if people are rude or the bus driver doesn’t stop for me or someone cuts in front of me in line–chalk it up to just life. These things happened before gang stalking and they will happen after gang stalking and independent of gang stalking. Paranoia seems to be part and parcel of this phenomena. This type of experience is bound to color a target’s perceptions and make us see slights that are un-intended and are just part of the human experience. Assume that and chuck the rest. Doesn’t mean I’m oblivious to what’s happening but being paranoid about everything is a way to make it a self-fulfilling prophecy that “they” are all powerful and have overtaken my life. The Creator and Universe is all-powerful, omniscient and infinite—Evil is finite, limited and can only enter where we allow it to in filitrate. Gang stalking is evil and needs to be put in it’s proper perspective.

Devonah Blackwell commented below (HINT: THIS will stay b/c at this point, in 2015, I don’t care who knows I am the TI writing this. I’ve offered my prior address and other clues. Since I’m not a criminal and the US govt IS, and since I KNOW there is a list of people like me somewhere in the possession of the letter agencies that will confirm that everything I’ve written is TRUE, then I’ll let my name stand. One day, all of this will come under widespread public scrutiny, and I and other TIs will be vindicated and proven right. And also, if ANYTHING happens to me, like, a ‘mysterious’ & sudden & deadly illness; I get shot or run over by some random other black person; I’m killed in a random crime of violence; or in the chance that it is reported that i committed ‘suicide’…know that the paper trail & funding will ALWAYS lead back to the US government or their PROXIES. Always.)

Another point I wanted to make about family and friends is: Over-stating your experience to them is probably the equivalent of those that prosteylize ad infinitum about this being the “last days” or calling for all to repent of their sins “because HE is coming back”–well, let’s be honest, don’t most of us cross the street when we see these types coming our way? Or roll our eyes in either melodramatic amusement, disgust or pity? Ahem. I’m reminded to look at the situation from their vantage point. Most of us don’t won’t to be browbeaten into a position; we’d rather come into the knowledge on our own. Let it be. Share with those who are either experiencing it or who seek out your opinion/knowledge.
This experience is like life in general and comes down to: 10% is what happens to us and the other 90% is determined by how we REACT to that 10%.

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US Government Nano Impants & Remote Neural Monitoring

Government Implants & Remote Neural Monitoring
Ok, this is an update of the on-going saga of what I believe is my wholly involuntary, ILLEGAL and COVERT targeting and harassment by the US govt and/or contractors working under it’s auspices with it’s full knowledge. Just to cover some old ground: I noticed that I was targeted in October 2010 while residing in South Los Angeles at 2821 West Blvd. Apt 103, LA, Ca. 90016. In retrospect, it’s absolutely possible that I have been targeted much longer but v2k made it glaringly obvious and I really wonder how many other perhaps millions of people across the country and world, are targets yet haven’t realized yet because they haven’t been subjected to 24 hour voice to skull transmissions. (NOTE: I now believe this started on ME in my childhood at the very latest but in all probability at birth and I wholly believe also now that my mother, has also been a life long target many generations this goes back, I have NO idea; but I’ve come to believe wholeheartedly that my immediate family are also unwitting targets of what I believe is another multi-generational, covert and non-consensual experiment perpetrated by U.S. government intel agencies., along with their contractors and proxies)…I think most Targeted Individuals (TIs) initially probably, like me, just think they are having a spate of bad luck or have internalized the harassment and think they are the problem. In any case, I believe my former landlord at that address (or someone presenting themselves as the owner of the address) Janet Lauritsen Beumer/Ellen Coleman, which I understand could both be aliases, a 60’s, short, white-haired, bespectacled, slight caucasian woman, is the person who ‘hooked’ me into this system for whatever govt entity decided I was to be targeted. Her voice is the primary voice I hear in my 24 hour v2k chatter, along with the neighbor who lived upstairs from me at that apartment in apt 203–LaSandra G.Rose. I believe both to be involved in hooking people into the system as I ‘heard’ them saying that I wasn’t the 1st person they had done this to. Of course, all of this continues to be speculation but until i have any evidence to the contrary, then this hypothesis makes the most sense for me. Janet Lauritsen Beumer also brought against a bogus unlawful retainer case against me- after having been a model tenant for almost 2 years prior to my targeting and after my having already submitted my intention to move out of the building. In my opinion, it was all retaliatory and meant to make me appear ‘mentally imbalanced’–but if that was the plan–it didn’t work and I moved out of the building and was able to secure my deposit along with a sealed record of the proceedings. Again, altho I’ve read that this technology has the capability to ‘clone’ voices–I wholeheartedly believe both of these women who I named to be totally culpable and involved with my targeting and probably many others who lived at this particular building or perhaps one of the other 30 or so properties that Jan Beumer indicated to me that she ‘owns’–possibly with CIA front money.

What I want to discuss now is my current belief that Voice to Skull (v2k) is a result of nano-implants. After having looked online at various sites seeking out more info about voice to skull (v2k), I have come to believe that what I initially thought-that this technology allowed the indiscriminate ‘entraining’ of anyone’s brain which results in the target’s brain processes, sub-vocalized thoughts, anatomy, internal organs all made remotely accessible to a computer-interface that allows remote ‘conversations’ & interaction between user and what I believe is supercomputers equipped with ‘artificial intelligence’ software that allows the ‘computer’ to cull the targets brain and ‘reacts’ to the targets thoughts and speech as if “it was actually engaging in a live conversation with the target–it took me months to actually realize that what i was hearing was not live and was simply pre-recorded, looped messages based on the ‘mining’ of my thoughts, desires, beliefs, dislikes, likes, etc.

Now I think that while a lot of t.i’s are subjected to overt harassment like surveillance, harassment by neighbors, co-workers, etc, and other CO-Intelpro dirty trix like job and housing blacklisting, and the enlistment of help from even some friends and family—I believe the vast majority of long suffering t.i’s have not been subjected to v2k–the reason I think that is–they have not had the opportunity to implant these t.i’s with the receivers that would allow 24 hour transmission of v2k. Of course, I don’t have definitive proof of this-(hell I don’t have proof of most of what I’m writing) but based on some of the t.i’s I’ve met recently–if it was possible for the govt to subject them to v2k-they CERTAINLY would already be.So in my mind, the fact that they are not suffering with v2k tells me that they are not able to–which points to an inability of this technology to entrain ANYONE’s brain at ANYTIME remotely. It indicates to me that there needs to be a receiver somehow implanted in the targets’ body to facilitate v2k, since I still wholly believe that v2k is transmitted via the US HAARP project and/or satellites or even by piggybacking on localized conductors. This is why anyone who has been subjected to v2k still hears the voices even after having moved say, to another city, state or even another country in some instances.

I now think that I was implanted in 2007 while ostensibly getting a biopsy for what I was told was a growing mass in my left eye by the Opthamology at King-Drew Medical Center located in the poor and heavily minority community of Willowbrook in S. LA. At the time I was a homeless vet living in a shelter that catered to that particular demographic. If you are a student of history, you should realize that the medical establishment has consistently been in bed and complicit in each and every instance of government wrong-doing when it comes to covert, illegal & non-consensual experimentation on both US and foreign citizenry so it’s not really beyond the pale to believe that they are currently involved in the covert implantation of un-suspecting targets with nano-implants while said target is thinking they are being treated for something totally unrelated. This is simply the Tuskegee Experiment taken to it’s maniacal, sociopathic, predictable end. And so if you are POOR, without standard healthcare, homeless, veteran, female, of color, living in an economically depressed area with few medical care providers, or someone who has to rely on free or low-income health clinics–BEWARE. Even if you fall into none of the aforementioned demographics BEWARE but ESPECIALLY poor, minority, without medical insurance or having to depend on subsidized or publicly funded medical/health coverage–KNOW that the United States government & their paid contractors & proxies ARE implanting for the (C)riminally.(I)nsane.(A)gency, (N)ational.(S)ociopathic.(A)gency., & (D)umbest & (F)ascists.(B)igots.(I)ncompetents.

NOTE: AS of October 2015, though I’m leaving the above message; I want to disavow my former certainty that I was implanted at King-Drew Hospital. At this point I will say I do not know when I was implanted. I just know that I WAS and I AM carrying in my body a receiver of sorts, something that moves and jumps and I believe acts as a GPS tracking device that allows the local SD Police department to follow my movements when i leave my home.  I believe that I could have been implanted at birth and at numerous times through out my life whenever I was exposed to the medical establishment. I had an ongoing childhood issue that required me to go to doctors quite a bit as a child; As a young adult living in Saginaw, Michigan, I consented to having the Norplant inserted into my arm..though I had it removed about 6 months later due to unwanted weight gain & I also had surgery done on my nasal passages around this same time so at ANY time during my life proceeding my dealings with King-Drew I could have been implanted. But I will stand by my belief that I have indeed been implanted. There is without a doubt in my body, some foreign mechanical moving object or nano implant that is primarily operating & moving in my intestinal or gut area. And I would welcome ANY trustworthy (that probably eliminates most US based medical personnel) and legitimate medical practitioner to examine me and my internal organs, whether via x-rays or MRis or some other means that would be able to visually monitor or detect whatever it is.

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