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Crawling Roach Escorts

Just a few random pics of the b&w SUVs that ‘mysteriously’ show up where ever I am in San Diego. Usually they  follow me and are usually manned by some constipated looking crew cut wearing white or latino male. Sometimes even female. Curiously, I’ve never seen any black rejects or shills. Maybe because black officers would notice that they are only stalking black people?  I call them crawling roaches or mall security as it’s evident that they have no authority to stop or approach TIs. In effect, they have even less power than mall security, since security guards can at least detain those they believe have committed crimes. The funny thing is this: as a TI, I’m not accused or even suspected of any criminal activity OR they would have a legit reason to follow me. Since it’s clear they don’t have a legal or legitimate reason to be following or monitoring me; they also cannot legally approach. So I call them mall security, which is being charitable. When it’s all said and done, they are using taxpayer’s gas, money and resources to illegally stalk people while I’m sure there are REAL criminals crawling the city. Or maybe not? Maybe they are the only real criminals so they know they are not missing any REAL crime going on. Except the one they are engaged in.  This is what your nazi government is doing with all of it’s illegal drug and arms sales worldwide. I expect this to increase since there is a new fuhrer in office.

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