CIA Loves Using Vets As Patsies

17 Jul

FBI-framed “radical imam” blows Orlando wide open!

He refused the CIA’s orders to shoot Americans – details remain classified

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor, youtube by John HankeyFox News, apparently citing FBI liars and mass murderers, tried to frame “radical imam” Marcus Dwayne Robertson just hours after the Orlando shooting. “Law enforcement sources” (a.k.a. FBI criminals) lied to the media, saying that Omar Mateen had been a student in Robertson’s on-line religious school.

The FBI’s slanderous lie appears to have been part of a pre-scripted attempt to “sell” the Orlando shooting as a “radical Islamic terror” event. And yes, “pre-scripted” means that the FBI was in on the mass killing in advance. There is no way they could have cranked out this kind of propaganda, blaming an innocent former CIA asset, if it wasn’t scripted ahead of time.

To its credit, Fox News gave Robertson a chance to respond. And Robertson made the most of it. Watch the amazing “first draft” youtube above, put together in haste by John Hankey, and offer your feedback in the comments section.

Who is Marcus Dwayne Robertson? A decent guy, it appears, but one who made the mistake of signing on as an asset of the  FBI-CIA/Wackenhut-Mossad terror-industrial complex. He probably thought he was going to “help stop terrorism” and earn a few bucks on the side. Big mistake.

The CIA-FBI-Mossad turned against Robertson when he refused to accept a job that required him to shoot American citizens. That isn’t speculation, that’s on an official court document.

Robertson may have occasionally taken on the theatrical role of a dangerous radical as part of his CIA duties. When he refused to shoot American citizens, they cut him loose, “flagged” him as a “radical terror suspect”…and took revenge by framing him for their own mass shooting in Orlando.

The FBI does terrible things to American Muslims who refuse to cooperate with their dastardly schemes. Tarek Mehanna, for example, was sentenced to seventeen years in prison for refusing to act as an FBI informant. And if the CIA orders you to shoot American citizens, I guess they expect you to do it…or else.

Omar Mateen, a flaming homosexual drunkard not a practicing Muslim, was almost certainly the same kind of FBI-CIA/Wackenhut-Mossad asset. Like Robertson only more so, Mateen’s job was to run around saying crazy radical things and report people’s reaction to FBI-CIA-Mossad. Was he told he would be likewise just playing a part in a theatrical event in the Pulse nightclub? Did other shooters, perhaps including a Mateen look-alike, do the damage?

In the above video, Marcus Dwayne Robertson cuts through the Fox News and FBI BS and tells it like it is. Far from being a radical Islamic terrorist, he appears to be a good person and a sincere Muslim whose only crime was to refuse to carry out a CIA-sponsored terrorist attack on American citizens. the above is taken from an article about one of the recent ‘false flag’ operations. It allegedly provides evidence that the CIA is still using patsies and that one of them refused to shoot american ‘citizens’ in West Africa so they turned on him and labeled him a ‘terrorist’. I believe this could happen to anyone. In particular TIs. I’ve repeatedly written that I’m a ‘vet’ but I haven’t mentioned before that my son is also a recent vet and though a smart young man, I believe he could also be a target for something like this. Remember I’ve mentioned in this blog time and time again, it is my belief that my entire family is being & has been used as involuntary US government guinea pigs, I believe for generations; so I wouldn’t put it past them to attempt to set up my son for some bs like this. And since I plan on traveling out of the country, it will also be interesting to see if I’m on the notorious ‘no-fly list’. But I doubt it. The last thing these cretins want to do is bring attention to the Targeted Individual Phenomena. That is why I keep this on-going ‘virtual diary’ and make sure I have paper copies at my disposal as well as sending them to people I think would find the story interesting every so often.

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