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18 Nov

I came across the below website, The Controllers, by Martin Cannon, which gives incredible insight into the mentally depraved beings who created the US government pogrom that I believe I was involuntary added to at birth.  I’ve copied from the site some excerpts that seem to apply most to my particular targeting experience. I’m not sure when the information was originally written but so many of the outlined programs & technologies; along with their respective capabilities I’m sure will sound eerily familiar to other Targeted Individuals, as they do with me. It’s amazing what a little ‘power’ and a LOT of psychosis can accomplish.

But as you read the below I’d like to caution against believing EVERYTHING written as 100% truth. I would take it with a grain of salt. Know that some may be absolutely true & as a TI, I can attest to at least some of the listed capabilities of this technology to be true–but also keep in mind, that Empire (which is what we are dealing with) will always happily disclose their ‘successes’ but  rarely disclose the failures. So while, some of what is written on the Controller’s site may in fact be true–I would assume that the cases mentioned and the technology and tactics outlined–are probably the results of a million failures.

And when I consider hypnosis, though I’m admittedly not an ‘expert’, I would also think that like anything else dealing with the human mind & psyche–it would have varied results based on the individual. In other words: not all people are equally suggestible and as such, not every person would have reacted as ‘favorably’ to the goals and objectives of the ‘spy-cientists’ as for example, one of the most publicized cases of ‘successful’ mind control— Cathy O’Brien. 

(While Cannon calls these cretins spy-cientists, I just call them what they obviously are/were: mentally deranged psychopaths hiding behind ‘legitimate’ science.)

Jose Delgado’s PHYSICAL CONTROL OF THE MIND: TOWARD A PSYCHOCIVILISED SOCIETY[25] remains the sole, full-length, popularly-written work on intracerebral implants and electronic stimulation of the brain (ESB). (The book’s ominous title and unconvincing philosophical rationales for mass mind control prompted an unfavorable public reaction — which may have deterred other researchers from publishing on this theme for a general audience.) While subsequent work has long since superceded the techniques described in this book, Delgado’s achievements were seminal. His animal and human experiments clearly demonstrate that the experimenter can electronically induce emotions and behavior: Under certain conditions, the extremes of temperament — rage, lust, fatigue, etc. — can be elicited by an outside operator as easily as an organist might call forth a C-major chord. Delgado writes: “Radio stimulation of different points in the amygdala and hippocampus in the four patients produced a variety of effects, including pleasant sensations, elation, deep, thoughtful concentration, odd feelings, super relaxation, colored visions, and other responses.”[26] The evocative phrase “colored vision” clearly indicates remotely-induced hallucination; we will detail later how these hallucinations may be “controlled” by an outside operator. Speaking in 1966 — and reflecting research undertaken years previous — Delgado asserted that his experiments “support the distasteful conclusion that motion, emotion, and behavior can be directed by electrical forces and that humans can be controlled like robots by push buttons.”[27] He even prophesied a day when brain control could be turned over to non-human operators, by establishing two-way radio communication between the implanted brain and a computer[28]. Of one experimental subject, Delgado notes that “the patient expressed the successive sensations of fainting, fright and floating around. These ‘floating’ feelings were repeatedly evoked on different days by stimulation of the same point…”[29] … In a fascinating series of experiments, Delgado attached the stimoceiver to the tympanic membrane, thereby transforming the ear into a sort of micro- phone. An assistant would whisper “How are you?” into the ear of a suitably “fixed” cat, and Delgado could hear the words over a loudspeaker in the next room. The application of this technology to the spy trade should be readily apparent. According to Victor Marchetti, The Agency once attempted a highly- sophisticated extension of this basic idea, in which radio implants were attached to a cat’s cochlea, to facilitate the pinpointing of specific conversations, freed from extraneous surrounding noises[31]. Such “advances” exacerbate the already-imposing level of Twentieth-Century paranoia: Not only can our phones be tapped and mail checked, but even TABBY may be spying on us! Yet the ramifications of this technology may go even deeper than Marchetti indicates. I presume that if a suitably-wired subject’s inner ear can be made into a microphone, it can also be made into a loudspeaker — one possible explanation for … “voices” … . … Indeed, not many years after Delgado’s experiments with the cat, Ralph Schwitzgebel devised a “bug-in-the-ear” via which the therapist — odd term, under the circumstances — can communicate with his subject[33].

Source: 33. Alan W. Scheflin and Edward M. Opton, Jr., THE MIND MANIPULATORS (London: Paddington Press, 1978), 347.

Perhaps the most disturbing wanderer into this mind-field is Joseph A. Meyer, of the National Security Agency, the most formidable and secretive component of America’s national security complex. Meyer has proposed implanting roughly half of all Americans arrested — not necessarily convicted — of any crime; the numbers of “subscribers” (his euphemism) would run into the tens of millions. “Subscribers” could be monitored continually by computer wherever they went. Meyer, who has carefully worked out the economics of his mass-implantation system, asserts that taxpayer liability should be reduced by forcing subscribers to “rent” the implant from the State. Implants are cheaper and more efficient than police, Meyer suggests, since the call to crime is relentless for the poor “urban dweller” — who, this spook-scientist admits in a surprisingly candid aside, is fundamentally unnecessary to a post- industrial economy. “Urban dweller” may be another of Meyer’s euphemisms: He uses New York’s Harlem as his model community in working out the details of his mind-management system[44].

Source: 44. Scheflin and Opton, THE MIND MANIPULATORS, 351-353; Tackwood, THE GLASS HOUSE TAPES, 228.

WAVE YOUR BRAIN GOODBYE (So we used to be called ‘Wavies’?)

‘Every Senator and Congressional representative has a “wavie” file. So do many state representatives. Wavies have even pled their case to private institutions such as the Christic Institute[69]. And who are the wavies? They claim to be victims of clandestine bombardment with non-ionizing radiation — or microwaves. They report sudden changes in psychological states, alteration of sleep patterns, intracerebral voices and other sounds, and physiological effects. Most people never realize how many wavies there are in this country. I’ve spoken to a number of wavies myself. Are these troubled individuals seeking an exterior rationale for their mental problems? Maybe. Indeed, I’m sure that such is the case in many instances. But the fact is that the literature on the behavioral effects of microwaves, extra-low-frequencies (ELF) and ultra-sonics is such that we cannot blithely dismiss ALL such claims.’

Well it goes without saying that ‘intracerebral voices’ sounds a lot like Voice to Skull or V2k. Or maybe it bears repeating here.

Another interesting article I stumbled upon covers the story of Ted Kaczynski, also dubbed ‘the Unabomber’–who was convicted of a series of mail bombings to universities and airlines over an almost 20 year period that resulted in 3 deaths and numerous injuries.  His story has been relegated to the annals of the well-worn historical ‘lone-nut’ category and he has for the most part, simply been written off as mentally ill by most media accounts. But his story is of interest to me because of what allegedly happened to him as a young student at Harvard in the late 50’s and the reason for his subsequent turn to terrorist bombings–Kaczynski was used as a test subject in experiments that according to reports, partially were used to gauge how well people react under ‘stress’.

One of the primary reasons his story is compelling is of course my belief that I, along with other TIs are also being used as involuntary test subjects in ongoing, life long US government sponsored experiments; but another curious aspect of my interest is that I have also noticed that middle-aged black women seem to be disproportionately represented among those publicly complaining of Targeting and I have wondered if it is  because those conducting these experiments are attempting to discover something ABOUT black women as a particular demographic. But what? Perhaps there is a clue in another article I came upon that indicated that researchers had determined that black women as a group seemed to handle long-term stress better than other groups. And since it is well documented that white men have the highest rates of suicide in the world and black women, conversely, the lowest–I wonder if one of the objectives of our targeting experience is to gauge WHY it is that black women handle long-term stress better than others?

Through research at the Murray Center and in the Harvard archives I found that, among its other purposes, Henry Murray’s experiment was intended to measure how people react under stress. Murray subjected his unwitting students, including Kaczynski, to intensive interrogation — what Murray himself called “vehement, sweeping, and personally abusive” attacks, assaulting his subjects’ egos and most-cherished ideals and beliefs. (sounds like Voice to Skull)..

….Michael Mello, a professor at Vermont Law School, is the author of He and William Finnegan, a writer for The New Yorker, have suggested that Kaczynski’s brother, David, his mother, Wanda, and their lawyer, Tony Bisceglie, along with Kaczynski’s defense attorneys, persuaded many in the media to portray Kaczynski as a paranoid schizophrenic. To a degree this is true. Anxious to save Kaczynski from execution, David and Wanda gave a succession of interviews from 1996 onward to The Washington Post, The New York Times, and Sixty Minutes, among other outlets, in which they sought to portray Kaczynski as mentally disturbed and pathologically antisocial since childhood.

( The last portion of this sentence stood out to me, because I am sure that many who have known me in my life could describe me in much the same way.  Maybe not pathologically antisocial but definitely extremely so. So again, it leads me to the conclusion that what I have always previously thought was simply a personality ‘quirk’ may instead be a carefully manufactured and covertly managed US government experiment result that was supposed to set me up for some kind of use down the line.)

Acute stress disorder happens soon after the traumatic event and lasts for a month or less. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) lasts for more than 3 months and may begin within a few days of an event, or may happen later, sometimes as long as 30 to 40 years after an event.

Signs and Symptoms

Stress can cause many symptoms, both physical and mental:

  • Headache
  • High blood pressure
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Chest pain
  • Upset stomach
  • Insomnia
  • Tight muscles or muscle aches
  • Teeth grinding
  • Depression
  • Weight loss or gain
  • Mood swings
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Anger
  • Withdrawal from friends and family
  • Worrying

Interestingly, some of the symptoms of purported PTSD also could be caused by directed energy weapons–headaches, rapid heartbeat, insomnia, muscle aches & withdrawal from friends and family. Could it be that the US misnomered ‘intel’ agencies are trying to manufacture the appearance of PTSD in Targeted Individuals?


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