Covert & Illegal Experimentation on Black People Is As Amerikan As Apple Pie…

24 Oct

Some More US Government Sponsored Experiments

This is just one of the most extreme and grotesque examples of what has been done to black people by psychological cripples passing as human in the US.

Author Harriet Washington details a long documented history of medical experiments on specifically black people in her well-researched book, Medical Apartheid.

Another instance of the medical establishment using black people as involuntary guinea pigs is the story of Henrietta Lacks. I’m sure most of us have read her story.

I don’t have the space, time nor energy right now to list here at length the experiments that were REVEALED; because you can believe that there are probably 20 times more that have YET to fully come to light–including the Targeted Individual Phenomena. (I will come back and fill this space with details as time permits.)

But I have to post the below You Tube video featuring another horrific and barbaric incidence of the US government, in concert with the medical establishment, covertly experimenting on unsuspecting black people. This  now deceased man, Vertus Hardiman, was used as a young boy in radiation experiments that literally left him with a gaping HOLE in his skull. We are dealing with sick, barbaric bastards who need to pay for these crimes against humanity. This man may have forgiven them but I will NEVER forget nor forgive.


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