What Victims of Psychotronics Surveillance & Abuse Experience

14 Oct

Sunday, December 26, 2010
What Victims of Psychotronic Surveillance & Abuse Experience
NOTE: I found this online here and thought it captured precisely the types of experiences I have either dealt with or am presently dealing with since being targeted for gang stalking in October 2010:

What Victims of Psychotronic Surveillance & Abuse Experience

Until recently, there were few, if any, credible public accounts of what victims of psychotronic abuse and organized gang-stalking (for purposes of harassment) experience. However, recently, Pulitzer Prize winning author Gloria Naylor (Oprah book club author of “The Women of Brewster’s Place”) released her account of her own harassment and surveillance in the book “1996”.(12) Although Naylor labels the book “fiction” because of certain assumptions which must be made due to the classified nature of the technology involved, it is an accurate depiction of the torture and suffering imposed upon Targeted Individuals.

MY EXPERIENCE: I just recently read Gloria Naylor’s account of her gang stalking and it SO resonated with me!! There is comfort in knowing that this woman was brave enough to chronicle her experience–having to know full well the effect it probably would have on her reputation and standing in the literary community. I applaud Ms. Naylor and I hope more of us come out and tell our stories. It’s the only way I think this insidious gov’t sponsored operation will be brought to light and ultimately I have faith–to justice.
Not all targeted individuals experience the same things, but there are many consistent features to their harassment. The following is a typical progression of events that lead the victim to the conclusion that they are, in fact being targeted: surveilled and harassed.

1) Acts of “street theater” – usually consisting of “acts” carried out to induce paranoia, and the feeling that you are being watched. This can be done by doing things which, unto themselves, seem like random occurrences or accidents, but, when seen objectively on the whole, a pattern presents itself. It could come in the form of being followed by other vehicles whenever you leave the house. Mail tampering. Email tampering. Apparent illegal entry of the home. People making remarks to you in public that are relevant to remarks you’ve made in private. All of these things seem like harmless, random events until you realize there actually is a pattern to the events. When the victim complains to authorities or even loved ones, they are viewed as paranoid, mentally ill and delusional… as the dialectic of their harassment intended.

MY EXPERIENCE: My street theater (or as I used to call them “skits or vignettes”) were more along the lines of exaggerated examples of the voices (Keep in mind, I never SAW these people. Only heard them via the Voice to Ear being fed to me 24/7) of a casually known or unknown perp acting as if they were just discovering what was happening to me; seemingly admonishing the other perps that they were wrong and that they were going to the authorities. Of course, after reeling me into this engrossing skit that was virtually performed solely for my benefit–it would become clear (usually after hearing the perps erupt into guffaws or fits of laughter) that the calvary was in fact NOT coming and seemed to point to the perp’s desire to drive home that I was alone in my dilemma and that there would be no help. These skits or morality plays happened early on and after being duped 2 or 3 times, I got the point and realized what the perps were trying to do so I stopped believing ANYTHING they said. I will also add to this the current & ongoing following or stalking by the local San Diego police department. Whenever I go outside to walk or to work, there is at the very least a cop cruiser that ‘coincidentally’ shows up to pass me, to sit outside where I work, of course, making sure that I notice them–just watching for at least 15 to 20 minutes in the same California Highway Patrol SUV that has followed me since I came back to SD in 2011; and as per my usual, I write down the license plate number (for example, a recent incident where an ‘officer’ by the name of Enrique Melgar (badge# 17667) & his partner , last name, May, (badge# 17671) would repeatedly (pretty much daily) show up to my place of work and just sit there. I believe they are on the Fed’s payroll and probably are being paid ‘kickbacks’ or extra duty pay for this ‘stalking and harassment’. As you can see, I will name names. If you are up to no good; you don’t deserve cover or any respect from me. You are a criminal in the employ of the state and will be treated as such. Always. So now and for the past 5+ years, whenever I’m walking (which also lends credence to my belief that my implant also acts as a GPS tracking system); there are cop cruisers following me or there is what i call the ‘phantom’ black & white helicopter flying nearby. It never fails and this has ONLY been happening since moving back to San Diego in 2011. Why I call the helicopters ‘phantom’ is b/c on many occasions, I’ve taken my phone with me and tried to photograph these helicopters, only to view the captured pics later to discover that the helicopters NEVER show up. At first I thought it was an error on my part. Maybe I wasn’t focusing the camera correctly; seeing as I’m not a professional photog. But what I did on at least 3 occasions, is shoot pics of regular airplanes flying in the sky at about the same time as my seeing the phantom helicopters hovering about–and without exception.. what I found is that the airplanes showed up, no matter how tiny, they could visibly be seen in the photos but NOT ONCE was I EVER able to capture a photo of the helicopters. It was literally like they had disappeared into thin air…So either these were holograms (and based on the Tupac & Michael Jackson holograms, it’s obvious the technology is out here)..OR there is cloaking technology that the military possesses that they are testing out on Targets. Don’t know which is true but I certainly didn’t imagine them. 

These tactics represent the same patterns as experienced by those subjected to government harassment and surveillance under Federal CoIntelPro(13) programs designed to infiltrate and disrupt dissenters.

2) Noise – Imagine living at the end of a dead end street where no traffic exists. And, suddenly, at all hours of the day and night, there is traffic turning around, racing their engines, honking their horns, flashing their headlights, playing stereos loudly… It keeps you awake all night, makes you worry, rattles your nerves and… imagine complaining to the police about the noise and traffic patterns on a public street. Again, the targeted individual is labeled as paranoid. Yet, the noise harassment continues. Imagine the response to additional reports that helicopters are hovering overhead at strange hours for no reason at all.

MY EXPERIENCE: Since the beginning of this experience (at least at the point where I became aware that something was amiss) I started noticing that the upstairs neighbor (hence the name of my blog) or someone living with them, was basically stalking me from room-to-room from the above apartment, along with loud stomping, bamming on walls, and since then, the noise has pretty much consisted of those trigger noises. I believe the upstairs tenant is also a perp (who i believe is at the very least mentally disturbed) and they are also using a developmentally disabled person who may live with her. Of course, it’s speculation as to who is making most of the deliberate noise–all I know is that the noise is deliberate and consistent.

3) Alienation and isolation – As already stated, reporting these strange events/patterns causes people to question your sanity. The more you try to point out the patterns, the more you are discredited. Police put you on their “crazy” list. Politicians won’t even bother to answer your requests for assistance. Little by little, friends families and authorities who used to hold you in high regard dismiss you as mentally ill.

Because of this, the harassment is stepped up, as the perpetrators understand that they can do whatever they want to do to you because no one will believe you, AND, if you continue to try to speak out about what is going on, the more likely it is that you will end up being hospitalized (completely discredited) for observation as a delusional paranoid schizophrenic.

According to the NSA, Russell Tice is paranoid, although psychiatrists not associated with the NSA report that Tice is in perfect mental health.

MY EXPERIENCE: Of course, my situation is similar and seems to be along the same pattern as described by others. Family and friends, whom like me before this happened to me, are unfamiliar and dis-believing when it comes to gang stalking and pretty much think i’ve flipped my wig. Can’t blame them. But I’ve NEVER once questioned my sanity. I KNOW what i’m hearing/experiencing and my instincts have been buttressed by reading all of the online accounts of fellow targeted individuals–people whom I’VE NEVER MET YET THEY DESCRIBE TO A “T” THE EXACT SAME SCENARIOS I’VE BEEN EXPERIENCING. Obviously, there is something going on and I see us as the equivalent to the involuntary victims of any covert gov’t sponsored testing/experimentation that has gone on, including the Tuskegee Institute Experiments and all the way to the most extreme and egregious example of this: Nagasaki & Hiroshima.

4) Sleep Deprivation – It is currently estimated that 40% of the U.S. population is sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation is a typical first step in mind control operations – in order to soften up the target. Sleep deprivation is accomplished by means of noise, as expressed above, or by electronic means. The use of tranquilizers or other “hypnotic” drugs to sleep or reduce anxiety make people more susceptible to the effects of electronic “silent sound”. So, while takers of Ambien and other drugs sleep, the subliminal effects of their harassment are more profound.

MY EXPERIENCE: Pretty much the same as described above. Usually there is an effort to keep me awake by using voice to skull discussions from the perps especially when I’m scheduled to go somewhere the next day or engage in some activity that the perps are trying to thwart or delay.
When accomplished electronically, people report these “symptoms”, which are generated utilizing microwave and other voice to skull technologies:

A) Hearing unusual buzzing, popping or clicking noises (the same kind microwave technicians report when working on microwave transmitters and antennas) which seem to come from nowhere

MY EXPERIENCE: As of late, I do hear a loud buzzing in my ear, even being loud enough the other day as to mimic “a cooking sound”–my perps even indicated that i was cooking from the inside out.

B) A sudden but persistent degeneration of sight

MY EXPERIENCE: Well, I have had more problems with small print but that could be independent of this or it could be b/c of it.

C) Headaches, a “tingly, static-like feeling” on the head, to the point of making it feel “numb”, like an arm or hand or foot falling asleep – only it’s your skull

MY EXPERIENCE: Yes, definitely have experienced this, particularly the “numb” feeling at the base of my skull. Have resorted to trying to use shielding products but who knows whether they really work or whether they provide more of a psycho-somatic relief.

D) Sudden or persistent nausea or feeling of unbalance. It sometimes seems like “chronic fatigue”
MY EXPERIENCE: I have experienced the sudden nausea and definitely feel the sense of unbalance or being chronicly tired or drained.

E) Hearing voices, or having thoughts about things that you have never thought about before (most often times perverse things that you would never have thought about). Some are the result of subliminal thought injection designed to cause you to recall memories that are “read” by synthetic telepathy. Some are the result of direct conversations with victims by remote operators using voice to skull.

MY EXPERIENCE: Yes, altho i’ve read varying degrees of which this is applied to targets. For me, for whatever reason, this happened within the first 2 weeks of my 24 hour surveillance. It seems like just from point of view, i’ve gotten the “buffet or samplers” treatment. Or maybe whomever is targeting me is using me for training purposes I don’t know. But I’ve experienced pretty much the full spectrum in just a little over 2 months. I should feel honored, I guess. NOT.
G) Unexplained arrhythmia and palpitations of the heart. When tested, the heart is completely normal with no signs of dysfunction or disease

MY EXPERIENCE: Yes, I’ve experienced this, which i believe is a result of the remote neural monitoring or some other device that is used to remotely regulate any part of the targeted individuals bodily functions, including genital stimulation, directed pain manipulation, etc.

Other “SYMPTOMS” of electronic attacks can be found here (14)
Read more: THE MISUSE OF MICROWAVE WEAPONS BY CRIMINALS AND TERRORISTS by Dr. Reinhard Munzert, Germany, Erlangen Sudden mood swings accompanied by some or all of the symptoms above (thankfully for me, so far at least, my moods are pretty stable)

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