US Government Nano Impants & Remote Neural Monitoring

14 Oct

Government Implants & Remote Neural Monitoring
Ok, this is an update of the on-going saga of what I believe is my wholly involuntary, ILLEGAL and COVERT targeting and harassment by the US govt and/or contractors working under it’s auspices with it’s full knowledge. Just to cover some old ground: I noticed that I was targeted in October 2010 while residing in South Los Angeles at 2821 West Blvd. Apt 103, LA, Ca. 90016. In retrospect, it’s absolutely possible that I have been targeted much longer but v2k made it glaringly obvious and I really wonder how many other perhaps millions of people across the country and world, are targets yet haven’t realized yet because they haven’t been subjected to 24 hour voice to skull transmissions. (NOTE: I now believe this started on ME in my childhood at the very latest but in all probability at birth and I wholly believe also now that my mother, has also been a life long target many generations this goes back, I have NO idea; but I’ve come to believe wholeheartedly that my immediate family are also unwitting targets of what I believe is another multi-generational, covert and non-consensual experiment perpetrated by U.S. government intel agencies., along with their contractors and proxies)…I think most Targeted Individuals (TIs) initially probably, like me, just think they are having a spate of bad luck or have internalized the harassment and think they are the problem. In any case, I believe my former landlord at that address (or someone presenting themselves as the owner of the address) Janet Lauritsen Beumer/Ellen Coleman, which I understand could both be aliases, a 60’s, short, white-haired, bespectacled, slight caucasian woman, is the person who ‘hooked’ me into this system for whatever govt entity decided I was to be targeted. Her voice is the primary voice I hear in my 24 hour v2k chatter, along with the neighbor who lived upstairs from me at that apartment in apt 203–LaSandra G.Rose. I believe both to be involved in hooking people into the system as I ‘heard’ them saying that I wasn’t the 1st person they had done this to. Of course, all of this continues to be speculation but until i have any evidence to the contrary, then this hypothesis makes the most sense for me. Janet Lauritsen Beumer also brought against a bogus unlawful retainer case against me- after having been a model tenant for almost 2 years prior to my targeting and after my having already submitted my intention to move out of the building. In my opinion, it was all retaliatory and meant to make me appear ‘mentally imbalanced’–but if that was the plan–it didn’t work and I moved out of the building and was able to secure my deposit along with a sealed record of the proceedings. Again, altho I’ve read that this technology has the capability to ‘clone’ voices–I wholeheartedly believe both of these women who I named to be totally culpable and involved with my targeting and probably many others who lived at this particular building or perhaps one of the other 30 or so properties that Jan Beumer indicated to me that she ‘owns’–possibly with CIA front money.

What I want to discuss now is my current belief that Voice to Skull (v2k) is a result of nano-implants. After having looked online at various sites seeking out more info about voice to skull (v2k), I have come to believe that what I initially thought-that this technology allowed the indiscriminate ‘entraining’ of anyone’s brain which results in the target’s brain processes, sub-vocalized thoughts, anatomy, internal organs all made remotely accessible to a computer-interface that allows remote ‘conversations’ & interaction between user and what I believe is supercomputers equipped with ‘artificial intelligence’ software that allows the ‘computer’ to cull the targets brain and ‘reacts’ to the targets thoughts and speech as if “it was actually engaging in a live conversation with the target–it took me months to actually realize that what i was hearing was not live and was simply pre-recorded, looped messages based on the ‘mining’ of my thoughts, desires, beliefs, dislikes, likes, etc.

Now I think that while a lot of t.i’s are subjected to overt harassment like surveillance, harassment by neighbors, co-workers, etc, and other CO-Intelpro dirty trix like job and housing blacklisting, and the enlistment of help from even some friends and family—I believe the vast majority of long suffering t.i’s have not been subjected to v2k–the reason I think that is–they have not had the opportunity to implant these t.i’s with the receivers that would allow 24 hour transmission of v2k. Of course, I don’t have definitive proof of this-(hell I don’t have proof of most of what I’m writing) but based on some of the t.i’s I’ve met recently–if it was possible for the govt to subject them to v2k-they CERTAINLY would already be.So in my mind, the fact that they are not suffering with v2k tells me that they are not able to–which points to an inability of this technology to entrain ANYONE’s brain at ANYTIME remotely. It indicates to me that there needs to be a receiver somehow implanted in the targets’ body to facilitate v2k, since I still wholly believe that v2k is transmitted via the US HAARP project and/or satellites or even by piggybacking on localized conductors. This is why anyone who has been subjected to v2k still hears the voices even after having moved say, to another city, state or even another country in some instances.

I now think that I was implanted in 2007 while ostensibly getting a biopsy for what I was told was a growing mass in my left eye by the Opthamology at King-Drew Medical Center located in the poor and heavily minority community of Willowbrook in S. LA. At the time I was a homeless vet living in a shelter that catered to that particular demographic. If you are a student of history, you should realize that the medical establishment has consistently been in bed and complicit in each and every instance of government wrong-doing when it comes to covert, illegal & non-consensual experimentation on both US and foreign citizenry so it’s not really beyond the pale to believe that they are currently involved in the covert implantation of un-suspecting targets with nano-implants while said target is thinking they are being treated for something totally unrelated. This is simply the Tuskegee Experiment taken to it’s maniacal, sociopathic, predictable end. And so if you are POOR, without standard healthcare, homeless, veteran, female, of color, living in an economically depressed area with few medical care providers, or someone who has to rely on free or low-income health clinics–BEWARE. Even if you fall into none of the aforementioned demographics BEWARE but ESPECIALLY poor, minority, without medical insurance or having to depend on subsidized or publicly funded medical/health coverage–KNOW that the United States government & their paid contractors & proxies ARE implanting for the (C)riminally.(I)nsane.(A)gency, (N)ational.(S)ociopathic.(A)gency., & (D)umbest & (F)ascists.(B)igots.(I)ncompetents.

NOTE: AS of October 2015, though I’m leaving the above message; I want to disavow my former certainty that I was implanted at King-Drew Hospital. At this point I will say I do not know when I was implanted. I just know that I WAS and I AM carrying in my body a receiver of sorts, something that moves and jumps and I believe acts as a GPS tracking device that allows the local SD Police department to follow my movements when i leave my home.  I believe that I could have been implanted at birth and at numerous times through out my life whenever I was exposed to the medical establishment. I had an ongoing childhood issue that required me to go to doctors quite a bit as a child; As a young adult living in Saginaw, Michigan, I consented to having the Norplant inserted into my arm..though I had it removed about 6 months later due to unwanted weight gain & I also had surgery done on my nasal passages around this same time so at ANY time during my life proceeding my dealings with King-Drew I could have been implanted. But I will stand by my belief that I have indeed been implanted. There is without a doubt in my body, some foreign mechanical moving object or nano implant that is primarily operating & moving in my intestinal or gut area. And I would welcome ANY trustworthy (that probably eliminates most US based medical personnel) and legitimate medical practitioner to examine me and my internal organs, whether via x-rays or MRis or some other means that would be able to visually monitor or detect whatever it is.

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